G2 Esports eliminates Acend from the EMEA LCQ

During their first EMEA LCQ match, both G2 Esports and Acend fell. As a result, they had to face each other in an elimination match on the third day. At the end of this tense match, Acend was sent home. G2 Esports still has a chance to qualify for the Valorant Champions.

Another decisive match was played on day 3: BBL Esports versus Guild Esports. The latter emerged victorious from the match, eliminating BBL in the process.

A new champion for 2022

The match between G2 Esports and Acend was decisive on two levels. On the one hand, since it was an elimination match, the loser was out of the tournament for good, and therefore out of the VCT 2022. On the other hand, if former World Champions, Acend, were eliminated, a new team would inevitably be crowned this year's Champions. This will indeed be the case, as the roster has fallen to G2.

The fight for survival began on Fracture. Acend quickly took the lead, leading 5-2, but in the final rounds of this period the G2s still managed to tighten the score to 5-7. On defense, Acend's players were particularly strong, despite failing to win the first two rounds. nukkye will have given everything to accumulate kills, but his team still loses to vakk and his teammates. Acend wins this first card 13-8.

This electric confrontation continued on Haven. A map on which both teams are equally at ease, judging by the statistics: approximately 60% of victories each. Despite this, it was Acend who were in the lead in the first half. Again, they won the pistol-round, then the second, and were soon in a strong position, 5-1. AvovA manages to break the Momentum with a superb 4K in set 7. With an air of déjà vu, the G2s slowly climb back into the score before the changeover, thanks in particular to the first 4K from Meddo in the last round. The G2 Attack phase is very clean. In the first eight rounds, the team concedes only one. Meddo returns a second 4K in round 20, a victory punished by the 4K of cNed in the next round. At the end of round 23, the score was very close, 12-11 in favour of G2 Esports, which finally took advantage of this slight lead to fold the map. Final score: 13-11.

The elimination, and therefore the end of the season for one of the teams, was decided on Bind. Starxo performed a near-perfect pistol-round, taking down four opponents on his own. Unfortunately, Acend did not manage to take the second round. nukkye took advantage of this to crack down on the next round, bringing in a 4K in his turn. The efficiency of the European giant is undeniable, even in a retake situation. In this first period G2 Esports only lost three times, leading 9-3 at the changeover. With this rather large deficit, the pressure was turned up a notch for the former champions. G2 Esports couldn't find success in the first two rounds, but then folded this map with four successive wins. Final score: 13-5.

By winning this match, G2 Esports has maintained its position in the LCQ EMEA. The roster will next face the winners of the match between OG LDN UTD to M3 Champions.

BBL Esports loses to Guild Esports

The second match of the day was just as decisive because it was a playoff. It was between the Turkish team BBL Esports and the players from Guild Esports.

Despite winning the first two rounds on Haven, BBL Esports were unable to gain an advantage, in fact they were able to take the lead. Guild Esports were extremely strong and managed to take the spike six times in the first half. In fact, they won seven sets in a row. Only the 4K ofaimDLLIn Round 10, this winning streak was put on hold, but only for a while. At the changeover, Guild Esports has nine points on the board, and therefore still needs four more wins. Buoyed by the 4K of koldamenta at the pistol-round, the team quickly folds the map. Final score: 13-3.

The rest of the match was more competitive, as this time it took twenty-three rounds to decide between the two teams on Fracture. Even though Guild Esports managed to plant the spike six times in a row, it was BBL who took the lead. Their retake phases are solid, and as a result they have managed to defuse the spike five times. At the end of round 8, BBL leads 7-1. However, a Valorant match is never over beforehand. The Guild didn't give up, broke the opponent's Momentum with a timeout, and thus narrowed the score difference to 7-5 at the changeover. Unfortunately for BBL Esports, the Attack phase was not as rosy as the Defence. With only three more sets won, the roster was reeling, and eventually lost 10-13.

The loss ends their 2022 season, and keeps Guild Esports in the EMEA LCQ. To try and get closer to the Grand Final, they will have to face the loser of the match between Team Liquid and Natus Vincere.

The next LCQ matches take place today, at 4pm CEST and 7pm CEST. OG LDN UTD and M3C will open the game, followed by Team Liquid and Natus Vincere. To follow the matches, go to VALORANT's Twitch channel.

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