G2 Esports and FunPlus Phoenix qualify for the Reykjavik Masters – Recap VCT Week 8

This weekend, the players of FunPlus Phoenix defeated G2 Esports in the Challengers 1 EMEA Grand Final. With this victory, they secured their place in the first Masters of this 2022 edition, namely the Reyjkavik Masters.

A look back at the Challengers playoffs

FPX wins the first EMEA Challengers.

At the end of the group stage, Fnatic and FPX came out on top of their group and qualified for the playoffs alongside 4 other teams: M3 Champions, Team Liquid, G2 Esports and Guild Esports.

First round of the playoffs

The playoffs started with the matches between M3 Champions and Guild Esports on the one hand and G2 Esports and Team Liquid on the other.

Unbeaten the previous week, the players of M3C won again. They won the match 2-0, thanks in particular to sheydos who finished with an impressive KDA of 47/26/14.

The other match was played in 3 maps. Both teams gave it their all to win, but in the end it was Team Liquid who came out on top with a score of 2-1. We salute the performance of Nivera who got a KDA of 63/45/15.

Fnatic and FPX win!

During the second round of the playoffs, the two winners of the first round faced the two best teams of the group stage.

The clash between M3C and Fnatic was particularly intense. After winning Fracture 13-11, Fnatic lost 8-13 on Bind. In the end, it took them 44 rounds and 1h42 of play on Split to secure a 2-1 victory..

While the FPX/Team Liquid ended in only 2 maps, in favour of FPX, Team Liquid did not concede victory and gave FPX players a hard time.

Upper bracket final

The final of the top bracket was between Fnatic and FPX. The match started on Split. With a win rate of 74.4% on this one, against 55.6%, FPX started as favorites. They confirmed their supremacy on this map, winning all 12 rounds of defence. The change of side did not help FNATIC , who finally lost 0-13. On Haven, Fnatic were 9-3 down at the changeover, but rallied on Attack to come back. Unfortunately, after 23 rounds, FPX won the point. During this match, FPX players Shao and baddyG, did particularly well, scoring a KDA of 28/14/14 and 34/24/11 respectively.

G2 Esports is back on its feet!

Sent to the lower bracket, G2 Esports began its comeback by eliminating M3C, 2-0, and then Team Liquid by the same score. While the match against M3C was a tough one, G2 crushed Team Liquid, winning both of their maps 13-4. The European team thus joined Fnatic in the final of the lower bracket. Once again, G2 players were able to win, thanks in particular to nukkye and his Sova which made the difference on Icebox. At the end of this map, won 13-2, he finished with a KDA of 20/4/6. nukkyue was even elected Match MVP leaving with a KDA of 61/30/16 at the end of the game. G2 Esports won this small final and then faced the determined players of FunPlus Phoenix.

The EMEA Challengers Grand Final

This final stage to obtain the title of best EMEA team was played in 4 maps. The players of FPX and G2 Esports gave it their all to take the title.

FPX took the lead by winning Icebox, 13-6, notably via the performance of Shao on Jett. The match continued on Breeze, chosen by FPX, a map on which the team has an 80% win rate. However, G2 Esports is also at ease on the latter, with a rate of 70%. G2 countered the numbers and won 13-8, earning their first point.

Unfortunately for them, this was the only point they would win, as the following matches went in FPX's favour. Shao and Zyppan excelled on Ascent, with Jett and Sage respectively, giving FPX the second point.

On the last card of the match, Split, G2 Esports almost turned the tables. Indeed, G2 was particularly efficient on defence, winning 8 of the 12 rounds played. Despite this comfortable lead at the changeover, G2 was unable to capitalise once on the attack. FPX came back to score. After 24 rounds, the two teams were perfectly even: 12 to 12. The match was played during the overtime. After 6 more rounds, FunPlus Phoenix finally emerged victorious from this match, winning the title of best EMEA team.

The teams qualified for the Masters

Knowing that the EMEA region has 3 slots, the two finalists and the third place team qualify for the Masters. This means that FunPlus Phoenix, G2 Esports and Fnatic will join the teams currently qualifying internationally, namely:

  • The Guard and OpTic Gaming from NA region
  • Paper Rex and XERXIA from APAC region
  • the Japanese team ZETA DIVISION
  • the Korean team DRX
  • the Brazilian team LOUD

There are still 2 slots to be filled, one for the LATAM region, the other for the South American region. The competition promises to be intense! We look forward to seeing you from 10th to 24th April..

Edit: Unfortunately, despite their qualification, FPX will not be able to participate in the Reykjavik Masters . Team Liquid has taken over the vacant EMEA slot.

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