G2 Esports ends Sentinels' winning streak!

Last night G2 Esports and Sentinels faced each other in the second leg of the Masters in Berlin in front of more 800,000 viewers. To everyone's surprise, G2 dominated and won 2-0. The match marked Sentinels' first international defeat in the VCT. As a reminder, the two teams had already faced each other in the first leg, which ended in a 2-1 win for Sentinels.

Sentinels is a solid team that has shown its talent and aggressiveness throughout the VCT. They were already dominating their opponents before the arrival of TenZ, and since then, they had only lost 3 out of 36 games played. But last night, they lost to an overexcited G2 team.

Led by Keloqz and nukkye, G2 dominated the first map, Icebox, with a final score of 13-3. A stomp that we wanted to anticipate given the first game in which Sentinels already seemed rather uncomfortable on this field. The European team managed to win the first seven rounds in Attack.

G2 Esports ends Sentinels' winning streak! - valorant esport mastersberlin g2sentinels keloqz -
KDA by Keloqz and Nukkye on Icebox

The second match was played on Split, map chosen by Sentinels. Wishing to put their opponent down, G2 immediately imposed its rhythm and won 8 of the 12 Defense rounds. But Sentinels should not have been buried too early, as the North American players gave their all to catch up during the second half of the map. Despite the clutches and the nice moves, the match ended on a tight score of 13-11.

This match breaks the 10-game win streak of Sentinels, but should not worry the players who won the Masters 2. Indeed, thanks to their victory in Reykjavik, the American team is already qualified for the 2021 Champions.

As far as G2 is concerned, they only qualify for the playoffs of this Masters for the moment. Nevertheless, this victory allows them to get the 5th place in the EMEA group and 225 VCT points. They only need to win a few more matches to secure a place at the World Championships

In any case, it's a return of favour for the former kings of Europe. G2 Esports dominated all debates during the first year of Valorant, before being dethroned by Heretics during First Strike. Now that the two organisations have pooled their talents, no one seems to be able to stop them anymore.