FUT Esports loses to Giants Gaming - VCT EMEA 2023

During the regular season of the VCT 2023, the teams of the EMEA League play each other in first and second leg matches. On the thirteenth day of the competition, FUT Esports and Giants Gaming faced each other for the first time in the tournament. Efficient and accurate when needed, the Giants emerged victorious from this battle. Here is a recap of the match.

MAP 1 - Icebox
FUT Esports 5 - 13 Giants

MAP 2 - Split
FUT Esports 11 - 13 Giants

MAP 3 - Ascent
Not played

The two opponents of the day were facing each other for the first time in this VCT 2023, but already had several matches in their fingers, four to be exact. FUT Esports won their match against KOI, Team Vitality and Team Heretics, one more than Giants Gaming, who only defeated KOI and BBL Esports.

Giants Gaming defeats FUT Esports on Icebox - VCT EMEA 2023
Image from VRL.GG

Despite the fact that Giants Gaming has more experience on Icebox, in this tournament FUT Esports decided to play them on this map. This choice could be explained by the very good results they obtained on the map a few days earlier, against KOI.

The Turks took the first round, but soon fell apart. The triple and quadruple eliminations of Hoody, in the next two rounds, challenged their economy. With these two victories, Giants Gaming players have taken the lead and simply set the pace. Even when their opponents manage to land the Spike, they manage to thwart their post plant strategies. They only conceded one more point, after a superb 4K from MOJJ in round 11.

During the second pistol-round, qRaxs ended the opponent's momentum by shooting down three enemies who were trying to occupy the site for planting. This time, the Turks managed to win the next round, reducing the gap in the score a little. They even managed to win another point, after losing the bonus round. Nevertheless, nukkye and his turret literally destroy their hopes of getting back into the game on round 17 and the game ends at 13-5.

Giants Gaming beats FUT Esports on Split - VCT EMEA 2023
Image from VRL.GG

The ten players then faced each other on Split, and for the first time in this match, Giants Gaming wins a pistol-round. A new quadra-kill fromHoody and the multiple eliminations of nukkye and Cloud in the early rounds played a large part in the team's success in the first half. Whether they were attacking Site A or Site B, their execution was clean and effective, resulting in six straight wins.

At this point, FUT Esports called a timeout, a wise decision, which broke the deadlock a bit. In the seventh round, they got a more than welcome first point. At the changeover, the Turks were finally only 8-4 down.

Once again, Giants emerged victorious from the pistol-round. This time, the victory in the first round was not followed by a series of defeats for the FUT Esports, on the contrary. After round 18, they were back in the game and only trailed by four points.

The tension was felt when Giants Gaming scored an extra point, coming dangerously close to victory. However, Mojj was not prepared for the match to end so quickly. He won a tough one-on-two and gave his team some breathing space.

This unexpected victory put a strain on the opponent's economy. FUT Esports took advantage of the situation to win three successive rounds and put their opponent in doubt. Unfortunately for them, the doubt did not last very long: Giants Gaming won 13-11.

A second match was scheduled for that day, but due to of several cases of COVID in the roster of Fnatic, the organisers decided to cancel the event and postpone it to a later date.