FunPlus Phoenix wins the Copenhagen Masters 2

Despite their deserved qualification, FunPlus Phoenix did not get a chance to show its talent at the Masters in Reykjavik 2022. With this new international LAN, the Copenhagen Masters 2, the team finally had the opportunity to shine. From the group stage, to the Grand Final, to the entire lower bracket, FunPlus Phoenix is making history. They are the True Idols!

FPX wins Copenhagen Masters 2

A long way to the Grand Final

Having qualified for the group stage, FunPlus Phoenix needed to win two games to reach the playoffs. This new international event got off to a difficult start for the organisation, which was forced to replace Suygetsu for visa reasons. It is SEIDER, a player from the Alliance, who took his place for a while.

Despite this last-minute change, the team held its own against XERXIA Esports during their first meeting. While that match ended well for FPX, the second, against DRX, ended in defeat. Then, by winning against the Japanese Northeption, FunPlus Phoenix finally won the final playoff slot.

FPX's first match in the playoffs was not successful, on the contrary. Against Fnatic, the team lost 2-0, 13-10 to Fracture and then 13-4 to Haven. FunPlus Phoenix was then sent to the lower bracket. The desire to win was far too strong for these players to give up. With the return of Suygetsu in the composition, the roster was able to reveal its full potential, eliminating Guild Esports and DRX in turn.

As a result of the bracket, FPX had the opportunity to cross-reference Fnatic a match in which Suygetsu was particularly effective. A great revenge for the team, which won 2-1! With this new success, the FunPlus Phoenix only needed one more victory to reach the Final. In the BO5 against OpTic Gaming, the roster was monstrous, winning on 3 of 4 cards, 13-6, 13-8 and 13-7, to secure their place in the Final.

A well-deserved victory

FunPlus Phoenix and Paper Rex faced each other in the final match of the Copenhagen Masters 2. With the opening of the match to the public, this Grand Final was even more special than the previous ones. In front of hundreds of spectators, the FPX made history!

While everyone expected to see some pretty close matches between these behemoths, the reality was a bit different. But despite the scores, the talent of the two finalists is undeniable.

It all started on Bind. It goes without saying that FunPlus Phoenix dominated this map. All attempts by the Paper Rex were in vain. During their Attack phase, FPX wins the pistol round, then the next 10 rounds. With this comfortable lead, they didn't need much to take the first point. Another win in the pistol round, and a 4K from ANGE1 in round 16 will bring the missing points. Final score : 13-3.

Paper Rex did not give up. On Icebox, the roster takes over the first pistol round. If the players lose their bonus round, they regain success over the next 4 rounds. There is even a very nice ACE of Jinggs PRX wins 4 more rounds during the end of this first phase. At the changeover, FPX is down 9-3. No cursed score this time, Paper Rex keeps up the pace. Despite a quadra of ANGE1 in round 19, the team takes the point. One more winning round, and the roster finally concludes the map with a score of 13-7,

With one win each, both teams would have to play at least 4 maps in total. The confrontation continued on Fracture. If Paper Rex won the first two rounds, FPX took the next 4. The timeout requested by PRX was judicious. By stopping the Momentum of their opponents, the team managed to take 4 more rounds before the changeover. The FPX players dominated the rest of the match, offering some very nice rounds to the spectators, like the 4K of Shao or that of Suygetsu to fold the map. Final score: 13-7.

The two rosters then battled it out on Haven. And what a battle it was! During the first half, the kills follow one another and the teams exchange victories and defeats. They are neck and neck at the changeover: Paper Rex leads 7-5. The rest of the match turned in favour of Paper Rex, who proved to be more efficient and decisive in key moments. Out of the 8 rounds played, the roster only conceded 2, and thus won the card with a score of 13 to 7.

At this point in the Grand Final, Paper Rex and FunPlus Phoenix are tied at 2 cards apiece. The match then reaches its climax on Breeze. Shao decides that the psitole-round would go to his team, taking down four enemies on his own. FPX went on to take two more rounds. Paper Rex's players did not take it lying down, and went on to win five more to take the lead. As the rounds went by, the room was on fire. The show is electrifying!

Eager to break the PRX Momentum, FunPlus Phoenix asked for a break. This was successful, as the team managed to regain the lead by winning the last 4 rounds of Defence. At the changeover, it was FPX who led 7-5. The structure did not keep this lead for long, and lost four times.

Everything was decided in round 17. The FPX's execution was perfect: they came in efficiently and then held the spike brilliantly. This new victory was only the first of a series of 6. Thus, after Zyppan's 4K in round 21, Suygetsu strikes again round 22. Determined to finish it off, he manages to take the opposing team on the back to achieve a final crazy 4K in this Final. Score: 13-9.

If Jinggs ends the match with 95 kills in total, it is Suygetsu who was elected MVP of the match, as he was decisive on many occasions during this Final. The Russian player, who was not sure if he would be able to participate in the Masters, finally showed what he is really capable of.

FunPlus Phoenix qualified for the Valorant Champions; we can't wait to see him and his team in action again. This time, the title of best team in the world of Valorant 2022 will be at stake.

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