FunPlus Phoenix and Paper Rex in final - Copenhagen Masters 2

The final stages of the Copenhagen Masters 2 were played last Friday and Saturday. While Paper Rex had little difficulty in qualifying for the Grand Final, FunPlus Phoenix did not. After playing the group stage without Suygetsu, the team soon found itself in the bottom bracket. The return of the latter allowed FPX to show the full extent of their talent. The roster gradually worked its way up, earning a spot in the final bout.

Paper Rex wins top bracket final

During the final of the top bracket against OpTic Gaming, Paper Rex players were determined to continue their winning streak. In total, they had already accumulated 10 successive victories between the APAC Challengers and the Copenhagen Masters 2. This match was an opportunity for them to add a new triumph to their record and secure their ticket to the Grand Final.

Against the Reykjavik 2022 Masters champions, Paper Rex was uncompromising despite the efficiency of yay. The team wins Haven 13 to 3, after dominating the Attack phase, 9-3, and winning four more rounds of Defence. On Bind, OpTic Gaming showed their skills by emerging victorious, 9-3, from their Defence phase. In the end, the roster took the point, with a score of 13-9. It all came down to Fracture. Paper Rex was particularly effective, again winning the first half 9-3, and in just 35 minutes the team folded, 13 to 5.

FunPlus Phoenix wins the lower bracket

The lower bracket was the scene of a strong comeback by FPX. Sent to the latter in the first match against Fnatic, they successively defeated Guild Esports and DRX.

Revenge against Fnatic

In the next match, FPX faced Fnatic again. In the first match between the two teams, suygetsu was not present, a very different story this time. With 72 kills on the counter and a KDA of 72/41/12, he largely dominated this match.

Despite this, Fnatic had come back into the game rather well, taking Split 15 to 13, after 1h19 of confrontation. Unfortunately, this was the only point won by the structure in this BO3. On Bind, FPX redoubled its efficiency, first in Defense, then in Attack, and won 13 to 7. Suygestu and his Viper are not for nothing, since the player accumulates 22 kills for only 13 deaths. He repeats the feat on the last map, Fracture, and reaches 20 frags for only 9 kills. Once again, FPX is leading the way, both in Defence and in Attack. At the changeover, they lead 9-3 and finally, the map ends with a score of 13-5.

Heading for the Grand Final

The final match was between OpTic Gaming and FPX. If yay will have given everything to qualify his team, the man of the match is indeed at FPX, and it is shao. The latter finishes with an impressive KDA of 68/49/23.

This BO5 started on Split. After losing the first two rounds, FPX set the tone for the match, winning 5 and then 4 successive rounds. At the changeover, the team led 9-3 and finally concluded the map 13-6. The roster continues to build on its success, winning Icebox 13-8, mainly thanks to a very strong Attack period: 7 wins in 9 rounds played.

OpTic Gaming has calmed down the FPX on the following map, namely Bind. After the pistol-round, the team wins another 4 rounds; crashies took advantage of the situation to score a superb 4K. At the changeover, the former champions were leading 9-3. They will not let their opponents come back to the score and win 13-6. This defeat did not demotivate FPX, on the contrary. The team found success during the first 6 rounds on Fracture, and had a comfortable lead at the changeover: 9-3. If this score is sometimes cursed, it was not the case in this match, and FPX conclude the map 13 to 7.

With this victory, the players of FunPlus Pheonix went on to the Grand Final, a match in which they made history.

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