FunPlus Phoenix and Fnatic still in the running - Copenhagen Masters 2

The evening of Monday 18th July was dedicated to the Lower Bracket of the Masters 2 Copenhagen and was therefore very important for the teams competing in the quarter-finals. A loss meant outright elimination, but not all teams could qualify for the rest of the competition. After several hours of matches, it was finally two teams from the EMEA region that qualified: FunPlus Phoenix and Fnatic. This leaves only four teams in the running.

Fnatic vs Leviatán, a hotly contested match

The first match of the day was between Fnatic to Leviatán and it is fair to say that both teams were in very good shape and unwilling to leave the competition.

The match started on Fracture, a map chosen by the European team. It was the Chileans who opened the scoring by winning the first four rounds. Fnatic responded by securing three rounds in turn. The two teams then alternated winning rounds, with Leviatán holding a slight advantage at half-time, 7-5.

At the start of the second phase of play, Fnatic regained the lead with a forced purchase that proved unsuccessful for the Chilean players. However, the Chilean players had not said their last word and continued to fight without fail, making the match very close. Finally, the two teams found themselves at 12-12 and went into extra time. However, the extra time was short-lived as Fnatic won the next two rounds, thanks in part to a well-executed quadra kill from Derke. He gave his team a victory in 14-12 on this first map.

On Ascent, Leviatán once again got off to a flying start, winning four rounds in a row. After a tactical break, however, Fnatic players managed to come back and make it 6-6 at the change of ends.

Once the Chileans got into defence, they stepped up their game to dominate the match 11-7. Melser and Adverso were excellent, preventing any skirmishes on the part of the Mistic, who had been brilliant in the first phase of the game. Although the Fnatic team managed to come back into the game, they were unable to stop their opponents in the last two rounds and therefore lost 13-10.

It all came down to Bind, the third and final card of the match. Leviatán once again took the lead in the beginning of the game, leading 6-2 thanks to a very good defence byAdverso and kiNgg. However, Fnatic managed to secure three rounds and catch up to be 5-7 at half time.

The European players were more dominant in the second phase of play, led by a Boaster on his Astra. They turned the tide to lead the score at 12-12. Extra time was needed and both teams alternated winning rounds. However, it was the Fnatic team that closed the match 17-15, securing their place in the semi-finals and eliminated Leviatán from the competition.

FunPlus Phoenix eliminates DRX

The second quarter-finals were between FunPlus Phoenix to DRX. Unlike the previous match, this one was much quicker and was played in just two cards.

Hostilities began on Ascent where FPX won the first two rounds, followed by three winning rounds from their opponents. The two teams went back and forth throughout the first phase of play, finishing 6-6 at half-time.

Once on the attack, the European players gave the DRX very little breathing space. They secured six rounds in a row thanks to a very strong performance by SUYGETSU and ardiis. This good lead did not allow the Koreans to come back into the game and they lost 13-9.

On Fracture, FunPlus Phoenix started on the attack and gave their opponents no chance. Once again, ardiis and SUYGETSU were both monstrous, allowing their team to win the first two rounds, as well as seven rounds in a row. In the end, they finished the first phase of play 9-3.

The second phase of play did not last long. Although the DRX won the pistol round and the following round, they were unable to stop the European players' aggressive drive. The latter secured the last four rounds to close the card in 13-5, eliminating DRX from this Masters.

After theelimination of Korea as well as the LATAM region, a three-day break will take place. FunPlus Phoenix and Fnatic, two European teams, have qualified for the semi-final of the Lower Bracket. This will take place on 22nd July at 8pm (CEST), just after the Upper Bracket Final , Paper Rex versus OpTic Gaming, starting at 5pm (CEST).

Match schedule for 22 July - Masters 2 Copenhagen

To follow these two meetings, go to 22nd July on the Twitch channel of Valorant.

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