FunPlus Phoenix absent from Reykjavik Masters

While they won the title of best EMEA team with flying colours, FPX players will not participate in the first Masters of the 2022 season. With the health situation and the current situation in Ukraine and Russia, FPX is unable to send its roster to the competition.

A bitter victory at the EMEA Challengers

Last week, FunPlus Phoenix was able to prevail throughout the playoffs of the EMEA Challengers. By winning all its matches, the structure propelled itself to the final of the upper bracket and then to the Grand Final. The final match against G2 Esports ended with FPX victory, 3 maps to 1. By becoming the best team in EMEA, FPX had legitimately secured its place for the next stage of the competition, the Reykjavik Masters.

Despite this great victory, FPX players will not participate in the first international match of the year. An official announcement on the VCT EMEA Twitter account explains that the health situation is still making international travel difficult, but that the Ukraine-Russia conflict is also making it more difficult.

Thus, and despite all the efforts that have been made by the structure and by Riot Games, theteam cannot be sent in full to the competition.

For the Reykjavik Masters, the EMEA region has 3 slots, normally allocated to the top 3 teams. In order not to disadvantage the region, Riot Games has decided to give the vacant slot back to Team Liquid, who came in 4th place behind Fnatic. As a reminder, the team will be alongside G2 Esports and Fnatic in this competition.

In addition, the studio took advantage of its communication to congratulate the players of FunPlus Phoenix who have performed very well during the beginning of the VCT. In order to reward them, Riot is considering a financial compensation, but also in VCT points.

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