Format and stages of the Valorant Champions Tour 2024

The Valorant Champions Tour is the official competitive circuit for Riot Games' FPS. In fact, it's the highest level of the competition. Once again this year, the VCT format is changing. We've prepared a summary of all the steps involved so that you can understand how it works and follow the matches more easily.

Each league has a total of eleven teamsthe team qualified via the Ascension 2023 tournament, in addition to the ten franchises. The VCT is now home to a league dedicated to China.

VCT2024 schedule

Roadmap - Valorant Champions Tour 2024

VCT points system

Riot Games introduces a brand new points system in the Valorant Champions Tour. It has been designed to better reward teams that perform well throughout the season. We'll come back to these steps in the following sections. Teams can acquire points in different ways:

  • Each victory in the segments grants 1 point,
  • The winning team receives 3 points,
  • Seeds 1 and 2 of the playoffs in each phase receive 1 bonus pointThey are playing one match less.
  • A Masters victory grants 3 points,
  • A victory in the launch tournament grants 3 points,

In fact, this system aims to determine the teams that will take part in the Champions.

KICK-OFF tournaments

Unlike last year, there is no global tournament at the start of the season. Riot Games is swapping the Lock In for the KICK-OFFs, internal tournaments for each League kicking off the VCT 2024.

Over a period of several weeks, the teams compete for VCT points and a place in the first Masters of the year. These tournaments take place between mid-February and mid-March.

You can find all the details at our article dedicated to the dates and format of the KICK-OFFs.

VCT EMEA, Pacific, Americas and China

League segments are the bulk of the Valorant Champions Tour. During these weeks of competition, the teams compete against each other to earn VCT points and win the title of Best Regional Team, and qualify for a Masters or the Valorant Champions.

League segment dates :

  • Ligue 1 segment - 30 March to 12 May,
  • Ligue 2 segment - 15 June to 21 July,

The Valorant Masters

The Masters are high-level international tournamentsThese are contests in which the best teams in each League compete for VCT points and glory. This year, there will be two separate Masters events, the first of which will take place at in Madrid and the following in Shanghai.

Concerning qualification :

The finalist teams in the KICK-OFF competition qualify for the Masters Madrid. There will therefore be eight teams in competition. At the Masters ShanghaiAs a result, more teams will have a chance to shine, with the top three teams in each League taking part, twelve in allhave secured their place in this second LAN.

Dates of the Valorant Masters 2024 :

  • Masters Madrid - 14 to 24 March,
  • Shanghai Masters - 23 May to 9 June,

Valorant Champions

The Valorant Champions is none other than the Valorant World Championship. It brings together a total of sixteen teamsfour per League. The selection process is as follows:

  • The 3 best playoff teams in the second segment acquire a slot. The winning team of the segment gets the seed 1 of its region,
  • The fourth team is chosen on the basis of its ranking according to VCT points.

Note that with this new format, the Last Chance Qualifiers disappear completely.

Dates of the Valorant Champions 2024 :

  • 1st to 25th August

The forty-four teams will have to be strong throughout the season if they hope to compete for the Champions! See you at the end of September to find out which will dethrone Evil GeniusesHe will also be writing his name in the history of Valorant.