Format of the VCT Game Changers EMEA 2024

Presented in February 2021, the Game Changers are back for another season in the EMEA region. Since last year, the circuit has been expanded to include second category tournaments, the EMEA Contenders. They are a real springboard, enabling amateur teams to shine and, potentially, reach the highest level of competition. In this article, we take a closer look at the overall format of this 2024 edition.

The dates of the VCT Game Changers EMEA 2024

New this year, the Game Changers EMEA circuit kicks off with a unique event called KICKOFF. Divided into two stages - an Open Qualifier and a Closed Qualifier - the aim is to select eight of the ten teams taking part in the first Stage of the year. As usual, the season comprises three courses. The second and third rounds are preceded by a Contenders, a promo-relegation tournament.

  • KICKOFF - 26 January to 4 February
  • Game Changers EMEA Series 1 - from 16 February to 11 March
  • Contenders 1 - 30 March to 7 April
  • Game Changers EMEA Series 2 - TBD
  • Contenders 2 - 6 to 14 July
  • Game Changers EMEA Series 3 - TBD

As a reminder, the teams are fighting for their slots at the Game Changers ChampionshipThis prestigious competition crowns the best team in the world and marks the end of the season. The date of the tournament is not yet known.

Explanation of the format

Game Changers EMEA tour format - VCT 2024
Game Changers EMEA tour format - VCT 2024

As previously mentioned, the 2024 season kicks off with a new event entitled KICKOFF. During the first phase of the tournament, the Open QualifierIn the final, 128 teams compete in knockout matches. Only the TOP8 remain in the competition. In the second phase, Closed QualifierThey are joined by eight teams invited by Riot Games. This time, it's a double-elimination tree.

At the end of the stage, eight teams will be selected to take part in Game Changers EMEA Stage 1. This first stage brings together ten teams in totalthe eight mentioned above, plus two guests - G2 Gozen and BBL Queens, the representatives of the EMEA region. at the last Championship. All Series tournaments are divided into two times The group stage, then the play-offs.

At the end of a stage, the two lowest-performing teams have to prove themselves in the Contenders if they want to keep their place in the next round. In addition to these, each of the Contenders brings together 10 other teams from regional tournaments, as well as 20 from an Open Qualifier, namely 32 in total. The two finalists win their place on the next stage. For more information about the conditions of participation, please refer to to the official Riot website.

Depending on their performance in the various Stages, teams acquire circuit points. The top-ranked team at the end of the season wins one of the two EMEA slots in the World Championship. The other is reserved for the winner of Stage 3.