FOKUS wins the Ascension Play-In EMEA 2023

After several days of competition in the Play-In tournament, FOKUS and S2G Esports faced off in the Grand Final. This match was of the utmost importance, as the victorious team would acquire the last slot in the Ascension EMEA 2023 thus joining the nine teams already qualified. The game started well for S2G, but the Turks quickly fell apart. YaBoiLeWis and his cohorts gave them a run for their money and won in the end. So it's the German team that will be taking part in the next stage of the Ascension.

FOKUS has potential

In 2022, FOKUS shone in the second segment of the VRL DACHafter missing out on qualification for the first split. Thanks to their first-place finish, the players from the German team took part in the VCT promotional tournamentThey won the competition hands down.

Unfortunately, in the EMEA ChallengersHowever, the team's results were not as good and it was relegated to the lower level. The structure then migrated from the German circuit to VCL Northern Polaris. There, Lime and his cohorts reached the final twice, a performance more than good enough for get a slot at the Play-In.

The battle was fierce in Group A: FOKUS lost 13-15 to Team RA'ADbefore defeated GMT Esports 13-7. Thanks to the difference in rounds between the teams, FOKUS came out on top and secured pole position. As a result, it has automatically qualified for the Play-In play-offs.

Objective Ascension EMEA

For their first play-off match, YaBoiLewis, JUGi, KPZET, Lime, WADDLE and Kuba met the players from GTZ Esports. The match was not very complicated, as they came out on top 5-13 over Lotus, then 13-10 over Pearl. This new victory took them a step closer to Ascension EMEA, but to have any hope of reaching this stage, they still had to win the Final against S2G.

And that's exactly what they did! However, the duel did not get off to the best of starts for the FOKUS players... who were very efficient with their Viper, RieNs gave them a hard time, to the point where they finally conceded Lotus. Nevertheless, this defeat did not dampen their spirits, quite the contrary... they went on to win Split with ease.

Fracture was the scene of an intense and fierce confrontation. It took no fewer than 26 rounds to decide between the two finalists, but in the end it was FOKUS who emerged victorious. At this stage, the German team was just one win short of joining the Ascension EMEA.

Determined to get it over with, YaBoiLewis has a string of triple eliminations on HavenHe even managed a second ace. The performance of the player from Wales, who finished the match with an ace, is to be commended. 86 eliminations and 27 assistsfor just 56 deaths. Taking advantage of a comfortable lead at the changeover, FOKUS quickly reached the thirteen points needed to win.

FOKUS has secured its place at Ascension EMEA, alongside some of the best teams in the region, including Gentle Mates, Case Esports and even Apeks. She will also meet the latter in her opening match, scheduled for Saturday 1 July at 8pm. If you want to follow the matches, go to Valorant France's Twitch channel.