Fnatic wins VCT EMEA Stage 1

At the end of an emotional final full of twists and turns against Team Heretics, Fnatic won VCT EMEA Stage 1. Thanks to this victory a reserve sweepBoaster, Leo, Derke, Chronicle and Alfajer have won their first title of the season and showed everyone that they're still at the top of their game. As finalists, they will be taking part in the forthcoming at the Shanghai Mastersin the same way as Team Heretics.

Maps and scores of the match

Fnatic 3-2 Team Heretics

Maps of the Fnatic vs Team Heretics final - VCT EMEA Stage 1

FNC 7-13 TH

FNC 13-15 TH

FNC 13-8 TH

FNC 13-5 TH

FNC 13-8 TH

Team Heretics dominates Fnatic

During Kickoff EMEAWe didn't get the chance to see Fnatic take on Team Heretics. But to our delight and that of our fans, the two teams clashed in the first week of the VCT EMEA Stage 1. A match that resulted in victory for the spanish club (Icebox: 4-13 / Lotus: 15-17).

Both qualified for the playoffs - Fnatic as seed 2 in the Alpha group and Heretics as seed 3 in the Omega group - they once again faced off against in the final of the top bracket. While Fnatic put up a good fight on Lotus (13-15), they suffered another stomp on the second map of the match (4-13 on Breeze). The result was a second defeat...

It's time for a rematch!

Needless to say, when the ten players took to the stage at the Riot Games Arena to Grand FinalBoaster and his mates were determined to take revenge on their rivals. It's not as simple as all that... or as complicated as all that!

First of all, Fnatic undergo the Team Heretics game on SunsetDespite some fine individual performances, the two teams were unable to find a way through. After that, the two teams have fought long and hard over Bind. It took no less than 28 rounds to separate them. It came down to nothing for Alfajer, Boaster, Chronicle, Leo and Derke, but it was their opponents who won in extra time.

At this stage, Team Heretics looked set to take the title, especially as MiniBoo assured in Attack on Lotusbut that was without counting on Fnatic back with a bang after the changeover. The great runs, the explosive triggers on the C site and Leo's hard work got the better of the opposition defence. And as they say "It starts here !

On Split, Fnatic showed a completely different face and a far superior command of the map. The Alfajer/Chronicle duo were monstrous in attack. Derke, with his Yoru, hit hard during the defence phase, finding several important eliminations at the start of the rounds. Team Heretics were dealt a blow, however, losing with just 5 points on the board.

This final lived up to its name! It all came down to the fifth and final map in this BO, Breeze. Although the score was largely in Fnatic's favour, 13-8, it was a close game. If Fnatic emerged victorious in the end, it was thanks to its well-honed game plan, but also and above all because Leo was imperial.

Both offensively and defensively, he made countless eliminations, whether with precise shots or well-placed shock darts. At the end of the 21 rounds played, the Initiator's tally stood at an ACS greater than 340 and a KD close to 2.9 !

Fnatic won its first title of the season, collecting championship points on the way. With a total of 9 pointsAs a result, Chronicle and co. are one step closer to qualifying for the Valorant Champions, should they not already be selected. As a result, Chronicle and co are one step closer to qualifying for the Valorant Champions, if they haven't already been selected. via Stage 2.

Before that, the two finalists will attempt to establish themselves as the best team in the world during the Masters Shanghai. Team Heretics to take on China's Dragon Ranger Gaming in the middle of next week. We'll have to wait a little longer to see Fnatic in action, as it has automatically obtained a slot for the semi-finals scheduled for early June.