Fnatic has no room for error - Valorant Champions

Enzo and his Fnatic teammates started the Valorant Champions last Friday. For their debut in the competition, the European giant met the American team 100Thieves. After a game full of twists and turns, the Europeans fell. Despite the loss, the roster still has a chance to make the playoffs. To do so, the team will have to beat FURIA Esports in an elimination match.

The meeting between Fnatic and 100Thieves was a first, as the two rosters have never faced each other in the past. While the atmosphere could have been electric on stage, it was not, as only the Europeans were present. Indeed, 100Thieves was confined after several players have tested positive for COVID.

Three maps were needed to break the tie. The first playing field was selected by Fnatic, and it was Pearl. 100Thieves took the lead quite quickly. Alfajer stepped up to the plate to bring his team back into sides change, it was a perfect tie. The end of the game was an exchange of winning streaks between the two teams. In the end, the Americans won 13-10.

Image of Alfajer on stage at the Valorant Champions

On Bind, the story was different. Fnatic set the pace and dominated their opponent, winning the Defence 8-4, before going on to win 13-7. In this section, Mistic and Alfajer performed particularly well, both entering a 4K four, and finishing the card with a KDA of 23/9/3 and 21/12/4 respectively.

With this victory, Fnatic put the ball back in the centre. Everything was possible again for the European team. On Haven, 100Thieves hit hard from the pistol-round: Derrek simply decimated the opposing team. That win led to four more. It wasn't until the sixth inning that Fnatic got their first point, thanks to the 4K from Derke.

This point did them good, as they went on to win five rounds in a row. In the end, the two rosters were tied at the changeover. Unfortunately for Fnatic, the 100Thieves were monstrous on Attack and only conceded one of the eight rounds played. So they won 13-7.

To follow the match between Fnatic and FURIA Esports, go to Official stream (FR) from 17:00 CEST. You can also enjoy the watch party organised by our Captain, Hyp, on Twitch channel.

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