LOUD eliminates Fnatic from the Valorant Champions 2023

Having won the Lock In Brazil the Tokyo Mastersafter dominating the VCT EMEA, Fnatic was undoubtedly one of the favourite teams in the Valorant Champions 2023. Unfortunately, status isn't everything. Quickly sent to the lower bracket by LOUD, Alfajer and his cohorts survived to face the Brazilians again in the lower semi-final. Their efforts were in vain, the LOUD were better prepared and eventually won 2-1. While LOUD can still hope to win the trophy this year, the Champions adventure is well and truly over for the European structure.

Maps and scores of the Fnatic vs LOUD match

Maps of the LOUD vs Fnatic match during the playoff semi-final of the Valorant Champions 2023

LOUD 13 - 4 FNC

LOUD 11 - 13 FNC

LOUD 13 - 7 FNC

Just as the majority of voters had given Fnatic the victory in this new confrontation, it was in fact the Brazilians who prevailed. Boaster and his mates put up a better fight than in the previous match - they even won a card - but the Brazilians were still the better side. LOUD were more effective and better prepared for this match.

We felt a real counter-strat jobparticularly in the choice of agents for Haven. mimiFnatic's coach readily admitted as much during the post-match conference "Their composition on Haven suited ours very well. I think it was designed to beat our selections.

In addition to their excellent preparation, the LOUDs seem to have rediscovered their form, galvanised by their previous victories in the Valorant Champions. The team as a whole performed well when required, tuyz won a number of important clutches. Despite the efforts of the other members of the Brazilian team, the dominance of Aspas and cauanzin is undeniable.

He finishes the card with the highest rating of the match at 1.33 and no fewer than 54 kills. As for Aspas, he shone especially brightly at Haven, where he obtained 26 of his 59 eliminations on this card. At the end of the match, he had the best second rating, at 1.29, and took pole position in the first-kill standings, with a total of 13 first eliminations.

Summary of the different maps

The game started on SplitThis was a wise choice, given that Fnatic has not lost a match on this map since Lock In. Statistics are only indicators and can never accurately determine the outcome of a match, as shown by the fact that LOUD made a killing.

The Brazilian team won both pistol-roundsThey even won the game's two bonus rounds. As a result, they had a sufficiently solid economy to arm themselves at least in the event of successive defeats.

Fnatic made a few mistakes and sometimes played too defensively, even when on the numerical advantage. The overall performance of Chronicle with Breach leaves a bit to be desired - he only gets 5 eliminations for 14 deaths and a relatively low rating of 0.37. On the other hand, Less and Saadhak make the differenceWith several eliminations to his name and a good understanding of his opponents' game.

In the previous match, Fnatic lost 13-11 to Ascent. This time, she emerged victorious 13 to 9But not without difficulty. At the end of the first half, LOUD were leading 7-5. On the attack, Fnatic turns the tables winning first the pistol-round, then the bonus. In the end, the Europeans only lost two more rounds.

Léowhich didn't perform very well on the previous map, was essential to this victory He was so effective in the second half. In the attacking phase, he took first place on the leaderboard with a rating of 1.69, 321 ACS and a KD > 2. Thanks to his many eliminations, Boaster is no stranger to success either. We'll leave you to admire!

Because of the choice of maps and the different banns, the two teams then played against each other on Haven, which LOUD was very pleased about.. They haven't lost a match on this card since the Masters 2 in Copenhagen, and in this Valorant Champions, they picked up two wins in two matches, one 13 - 2 against Team Liquid and the other 13 - 11 against EDG.

Since the start of the competition, they proved that their famous Harbor/Viper duo worked perfectly. So it's hardly surprising that they chose to bring out this composition against Fnatic. The walls of poison and water, combined with the various smoke bombs, really hit the spot in Defence.

Even though Fnatic managed to crash the Spike several times, the rounds often ended in a Brazilian victory, because they were highly coordinated during the retakes. However, Fnatic managed to gain the upper hand at half-time. Unfortunately for them, LOUD again dominated the final period. After the change, it was still the Brazilians who set the pace. They ended up winning, even though Derke did a crazy triple kill!

Fnatic were obviously not celebrating, as Boaster explained in a video he posted shortly after the match. Despite the disappointment, the star player is holding his head high and said that "Fnatic will come back even stronger next year to challenge for the title".. The orange and black team will have another opportunity to show what it is capable of in the near future, as it will soon be taking part in the at Red Bull Home Ground 4.

The LOUDFor their part, they can always envisage a new world championship title. Thanks to last night's win, they advance to the Final of the lower bracket. This Friday 25 August, they take on Evil Geniuseswho lost in the Upper Final to Paper Rex.

If you want to watch this clash live, go to Valorant France's Twitch channel.