Fnatic defeats FURIA Esports - Valorant Champions

After a first match lost against 100ThievesIn the first match, Fnatic was sent to the elimination match. During this second match, the Europeans faced one of the best rosters in the LATAM region, namely FURIA Esports. Both teams were determined to continue in the Valorant Champions and fought hard. At the end of the third map, Fnatic emerged victorious. To secure their playoff spot, the team will have to get revenge on 100Thieves; a match that promises to be electric!

This second edition of Valorant Champions is marked by many first meetings between different teams from around the world. This was notably the case for Fnatic and FURIA Esports. Both rosters found themselves in an elimination match after falling to 100Thieves and DRX respectively.

Fnatic has chosen one of its strong maps to start this match, namely Icebox. With a little more 70% of victories, against 50% for FURIA, the roster seemed to be winning according to the statistics. Nevertheless, in Valorant not everything is about data. The Brazilians proved it, starting with the pistol-round and then Khalil crushed four opponents to win a second point. If Derke made a superb 5K at the Operator in round 5, Fnatic was still 5-1 down at the end of the next round.

During the end of the first half, Mistic shines in his turn, bringing in several 3Ks and a 4K. At the changeover, the score is close, 7-5, but FURIA still has a slight lead. Fnatic managed to take the first two points in Defence, but quickly faced a FURIA determined to win, and who made a series of clutches. After a little more than an hour of play, the roster loses 13-9.

The rest of the match saw the ten players compete on Breeze, a map that neither roster particularly dominates. Yet Fnatic was extremely solid. Derke and Alfajer set the pace with a 3K in the pistol-round and then the next round. The Europeans quickly took a 5-0 lead. They kept a good lead at the changeover, as they only conceded two points in the period. FURIA did not lose their composure, however, and won the first four rounds of Attack, thanks in particular to the 4K of dgzin. Despite their efforts to come back to the score, they end up falling under the Fnatic fire. Final score: 13-7.

Let's remember that this match had serious consequences, as the losing team was out of the Valorant Champions for good. It is thus in a heavy atmosphere that the two teams started on Haven. Supported by nzr, the Brazilians took a commanding lead, 5-1, and Fnatic won a second point in set 7, before suffering a comeback from Mazinwhich is a 4K. As if to show their determination to win this match, Fnatic managed to come back to the score. At the changeover it was a perfect tie.

The roster kept its Momentum to take the lead, thanks in part to the 3K of the Frenchman Enzo. The pressure mounted in the ranks as the rounds went on. At the end of the nineteenth round, the counters read 11-8. The end of the match was frenetic. The Brazilians tightened the score to 11-12, but Enzo struck again in round 24.

By winning this final clutch, he gave his team a victory and thus an additional chance to reach the playoffs. Enzo and his companions will thus have the opportunity to take their revenge on the North Americans of 100Thieves, during the decisive match in Group D.

To follow the second meeting between these two giants, go to Official stream from 7pm CEST, Thursday 8th September. You can also enjoy the watch party organised by our Captain, Hyp, on Twitch channel.

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