Fnatic reaches the playoffs of the Valorant Champions 2023 without a hitch

Fnatic is undoubtedly the best team in Valorant at the moment. The EMEA team offered itself the Lock In Brasil trophybefore taking the one of the Tokyo Masters in its luggage. Easily qualified for the Valorant Champions 2023, Boaster, Alfajer, Derke, Leo and Chronicle once again demonstrated their savoir-faire in Group C. After a quick and easy win over ZETA Divisionthey booked their place in the playoffs by beating Bilibili Gaming.

Members of the Fnatic team

Fnatic crushes ZETA Division

When Fnatic embarked on this new competition, it was clear that the lights were on. However, the first match could have been full of surprises, as the last time ZETA Division and Fnatic faced each other in a VCT match, at the Masters of Reykjavik 2022The Japanese won 2-0. Nevertheless, the recent confrontation between these two teams still gave them the edge. At the One Pro Invitational, Derke and his allies won outright.

And once again, they defeated their opponents with ease, thanks in particular to Alfajer. Both on Fracture and Haven, he made a real massacre with his Killjoy, finishing the two maps with more than twenty eliminations on the counter. a final rating of 1.65.

Fnatic first won FractureIn the end, the Japanese came out on top at the start of the first half. Despite their efforts to hold the sites and repel the onslaught, the Japanese lost six in a row and even let the bonus-round slip through their fingers. In defence, the orange team remained unchanged and eventually won the match. 13 to 5.

Following this match, the ten players competed on Haven. Although ZETA Division defended better in the first half, the final result was similar. Fnatic were more than unstoppable in defence, and ended up winning the map. 13 to 6. And they did it in the best possible way, to the delight of the audience. Derkewho up until heat 19 had been a little unnoticed with his Jett, gave himself a superb closing ace.

Despite the competition, the players know how to show respect. In a communication published on XLaz, a player at ZETA Division, explains that he contacted Boaster to ask him some questions about his role as In-Game Leader, which he was happy to answer sympathetically. Because that's what esport is all about!

Boaster's performance against Bilibili Gaming

After their stunning victory over NRG Esports, the players from Bilibili Gaming took on the best team in the world today. Some were dreaming of a Chinese victory over the European giantBut their hopes were quickly dashed once the match got underway.

Alfajer and his comrades won Haven with flying colours, conceding just two sets out of the fifteen contested, and even winning the game's two bonus rounds. All the players proved to be efficient, but Boaster stands out even more.

During the Attack phase, the Controller scored no fewer than 16 eliminations for 4 deaths, i.e. a KD equal to 4. What's more, he was very precise with his shots, 44% of headshots and his impact on the game was such that he finished this period with a staggering rating of 1.91 and a monstrous ACS of 307. As if these statistics weren't enough to convince us of its performance, we should also mention his three almost successive clutches in heats 8, 11 and 12.

The game continued on Lotus. Unlike the previous map, it took a few extra rounds for Fnatic to win. If it completely dominated the Attack phaseWith Derke and Chronicle eliminated several times, the team found it harder to impose themselves in defence.

The Chinese were not prepared to hand them a place in the play-offs on a silver platter. They fought to the bitter endThey even managed to reduce the score to 11-8, but the two triple eliminations of Boaster and Chronicle in innings 20 and 21 were enough to see them through.

With this new victory, Fnatic tops Group C and easily qualified for the playoffs. For Bilibili Gaming, the adventure is not over yet. The Chinese team may be able to reach the next stage of the tournament if they manage to defeat their next opponent. For the sake of history and spectacle, it would be interesting to see another clash with NRG EsportsThis is not impossible given that Bilibili will face the winner of the match between the Americans and the players from ZETA Division.