Fnatic and Guild Esports still undefeated - VCT EMEA 2022 Week 3 recap

We are already halfway through the VCT EMEA group stage and two teams are still unbeaten. They are Fnatic for Group A and Guild Esports for Group B. Behind them, the picture is slowly taking shape and we can already get a glimpse of the teams that will participate in the playoffs.

If you want a quick overview of the final scores, you can refer to the week 3 summary.

Previously in these Challengers

In the course of the second week of the competition, the teams were still neck and neck, especially at the top of the table in each group. Fnatic was battling it out with FunPlus Phoenix in Group A and so were Guild Esports and M3 Champions in Group B. This week, no more rivalry, all bets are off. Here's a recap of week 3 of the VCT EMEA 2022.

Group A matches

OG LDN UTD VS G2 Esports

This Friday 27 May, OG LDN UTD and G2 Esports were the first teams in Group A to face each other. While G2 were 1-1, this was not the case for the OG who had already suffered two defeats.

Hostilities began on Ascent where OG opened the scoring and won the next round. Although G2 Esports did not let themselves be outplayed, they struggled to defend against the repeated onslaughts of their opponents and in particular the Fade of Destrian. When half-time arrived, OG were leading 7-5 and the team managed to hold on to their lead once they went into defence. This time it was hype who distinguished himself with his Cypher, constantly repelling G2's attacks. Finally, the map was sealed 13-9.

On Breeze, this pattern of play was repeated, but this time in G2 Esports' favour. Their defence proved to be much stronger than on Ascent and they were leading 7-5 at the end of the first phase of play. After that, they had a bit more trouble winning but still finished the card in 13-10.

It's on Fracture that the outcome of the match was decided. The score was again 7-5 in favour of G2 Esports at half-time, but they were outplayed in the second half. Guild Esports stepped up their game, offering more skirmishes and aggression, and the team managed to secure seven rounds in a row. This run earned them the 13-11 but also to validate their first victory of this Challengers 2.

Acend VS Fnatic

This second match was undoubtedly the most important of the group in week 3, as it was responsible for determining which of the Fnatic orAcend would remain undefeated. Fans were quickly given their answer as Fnatic were once again monstrous and gave their opponents very little chance.

Despite a very good start for Acend on Ascent, but it was not enough. The team won the first four rounds and then got totally dominated. Fnatic secured the next eight rounds to lead 8-4 at half time. After that, they continued their winning ways, not allowing Acend a single second of respite. They won all the rounds in the second phase of the game and finished the map in 13 to 4after only 37 minutes of play.

Icebox was not much longer, although the first part of the game was very close. Both teams were each at 6 rounds won when it was time to switch sides. However, Fnatic once again proved to be very dominant. Led by Boaster and Alfajer, the team quickly outperformed Acend and won the 13-8, and the match. The team thus retained its position as the top team in Group A.

FOKUS VS FunPlus Phoenix

This meeting was an opportunity for FOKUS to win their first match of this Challengers 2 EMEA. Nevertheless, the newcomers of the VCT had to face a strong opponent, which was none other than FunPlus Phoenix.

On Breeze, FOKUS fought very well and did not give in to FPX's defence. They managed to bring the score to 6-6, but then found it harder to resist the duo's attacks. Shao and ardiis, respectively on Sova and Jett. They were therefore defeated 13-11 on this first map.

The second map, Fracture, phase was much more difficult for them and they were unable to cope with the steamroller that is FPX. In the first phase of play, the Phoenix won eleven out of twelve rounds. They finally finished off their opponents by securing two more rounds, bringing the score to 13-1.

Group B matches

Team Liquid VS Guild Esports

In Group B, this was the match not to be missed. It was between Team Liquid and Guild Esports, the two teams that were tied at the top of the standings. Just like the Fnatic/Acend match, it determined which of these two teams would establish their superiority.

Each card was a show of strength and it started on Split. Guild Esports opened the scoring and quickly extended their lead by winning the first nine rounds. Team Liquid tried to fight back, but it wasn't very successful and the team was quickly outplayed by the very aggressive play of Leo, who is clearly the MVP of the map. This one was very quick and ended in 13-3 in favour of Guild.

Once switched on Icebox, Team Liquid took their revenge by dominating the first phase of the game. A lead that the Guild Esports were not able to catch up with despite some good attempts to trexx and Leo. Liquid was the obvious choice 13-6.

The outcome of the match was decided on Fracture and the Guild once again inflicted a heavy defeat on their opponents. They imposed a heavy 10-2 on their attacking phase and then, led by Leo and Russ, and ended the meeting by 13 to 4. They thus keep their first place in Group B, congratulations to them!

BIG VS Natus Vincere

The last two teams of group B played each other this weekend and offered us some good game. They started their match on Bind, where Natus Vincere had some difficulty in establishing itself, leaving BIG to win nine rounds in a row. Things were much more favourable for the team in the second phase of the game, as this time it was the team that achieved a small winning streak. Unfortunately, this was not enough to win against BIG, who secured the card with a score of 13-9.

On Ascent, the game was much tighter and the teams alternated winning rounds. The gap between them never really widened, although NAVI managed to keep a very slight lead, thanks in particular to a very good performance by zeddy. It was this lead that allowed them to finish the map in 13-9.

Finally, it is on Haven that everything came together. The NAVI were brilliant in defence and were able to defeat all of BIG's attacks perfectly. Special mention for Cloud and zeddy who were excellent in this phase of the game. Once the NAVI players went on the attack, they were able to extend their lead, resulting in a win of 13-7.

This victory is therefore also the first of the second VCT EMEA 2022 Challengers. As for BIG, they have now lost three times and the climb back up the ladder is likely to be complicated.

BBL Esports VS M3 Champions

The final Group B match was between BBL Esports at M3 Champions, the two teams in the middle of the table. The Russians started strongly on Fracture and quickly put their opponents in trouble. Although they conceded a few rounds, they were leading at half-time. Once they went on the attack, it was the skirmishes of nAts and Chronicle that made the difference and allowed the M3 to win 13-8 against the Turks.

On BreezeThe defeat was all the heavier for BBL Esports. The latter were largely dominated, not being able to break through the strong defence of the M3 Champions. By the time half-time came around, they were well down 3-9. Of course, all was not lost yet, and the Turkish players still won two rounds in the second phase of play. However, this was not enough and M3 won by a score of 13-5.

The ranking at the end of the third week

Group A
FunPlus Phoenix2-1
G2 Esports1-2
Group B
Guild Esports3-0
M3 Champions2-1
Team Liquid2-1
Natus Vincere1-2
BBL Esports1-2

At the end of week 3, Fnatic and Guild Esports are still undefeated and dominate their group. Not far behind are FunPlus Phoenix, Acend, M3 Champions and Team Liquid. While these teams still have a chance of making it to the playoffs, BIG and FOKUS are likely to have a much tougher time.

Indeed, these teams are both at the bottom of their respective groups with three defeats and no wins. They will therefore have to give it their all over the remaining two weeks if they are to survive.

To follow the rest of the VCT EMEA 2022, see you on 3rd June on the official Twitch channel of Valorant.

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