Fnatic and FunPlus Phoenix still in the running - Valorant Champions

Saturday and Sunday were full of excitement for the EMEA teams. On the second day of the playoffs, Fnatic and Team Liquid have fallen to the bullets of American teams, namely OpTic Gaming and XSET. This defeat led them to face each other, a match that ended with the victory of Fnatic. This is the end of the Valorant Champions adventure for the Team Liquid players. On their side, after losing their first match against DRX, FunPlus Phoenix won their playoff match against the Leviatan.

NA region dominates on day ten

The tenth day of competition was marked by two NA-EMEA matches, and the least we can say is that the North American teams dominated the competition. For example, OpTic Gaming has won out over the Team Liquid and Fnatic lost to XSET. While Team Liquid managed to pick up a card, Enzo and his teammates did not, losing their match two maps to zero. The match between Team Liquid and OpTic Gaming was marked by the effectiveness of yay, which has accumulated 69 eliminations with Chamber. On the XSET side, Cryocells who stood out by finishing with a KDA of 48/25/4, also playing Chamber.

FunPlus Phoenix eliminates Leviatan

The Chilean team, Leviatan, was the first to qualify for the playoffs of the Valorant Champions. Unfortunately, it's also the first eliminated in this second phase of the tournament. It must be said that the FPX players were very good. They dominated Icebox from start to finish. After an excellent side of Attack, won 8-4, they held on in Defence and concluded the map 13-6.

FPX s'impose - Playoffs of the Valorant Champions

The rest of the game was a little different, as the Leviatans picked up the pace. Determined to take the point on Ascent, kiNgg and Tacolilla were eliminating in defence. FPX soon found itself 6-0 down. Suygetsu ended this winning streak with a 1v1 victory over Melser, this clutch allowed the Europeans to breathe and refocus. This clutch allowed the Europeans to breathe and refocus, so that at side switch, the counters read 7-5. Leviatan still led, but their opponents kept their composure. FPX were efficient during the defence period. Despite the few extra wins by Leviatan, they won 13-11.

Fnatic stays in the tournament

Team Liquid and Fnatic were both sent to the playoffs after losing. Alfajer and his teammates made short work of their opponents. On Bind, the duelist was very successful in Attack, scoring 2Ks. He also shone in Round 7, eliminating four members of the opposing team. At the side switch, Team Liquid was down 9-3. The famous curse had no effect in this game, as Fnatic finally won 13-6.

The meeting continued on Haven. This time it was Team Liquid who took the lead, 4-2, thanks in particular to the 4K from Nivera. Unfortunately for them, Fnatic was determined to finish it off, and at side change, the team took over, leading 7-5. The roster remained very solid on defence. Derke and his team showed their skills in a retake situation, and defused the Spike five times out of... five! After forty-seven minutes of play, they won a second point, concluding the map 13-7, to the delight of all their fans!

The next matches of Fnatic and FunPlus Phoenix will be held tomorrow, 13th September, starting at 4 pm CEST. They will play the losers of the DRX vs LOUD and OpTic Gaming vs XSET matches. To follow them and not miss anything, go to Official stream. You can also take advantage of the watch party organised by HyP, directly on Twitch channel.

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