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The group stage came to an end last night. After the last decisive matches, Fnatic and FunPlus Phoenix joined the list of playoff qualifiers. Since Team Liquid also made it to the next stage of the tournament, the EMEA region is now the most represented in the final phase of the competition. Their qualification also means the end of the adventure for two other teams. KRU Esports and 100Thieves have been eliminated from the tournament.

The supremacy of FunPlus Phoenix

The meeting between FunPlus Phoenix and KRU Esports was the first return match of the day. The two teams had already met at the beginning of the group phase. That match ended in a 2-0 victory for FPX. As a result, the Chileans were motivated to take revenge.

Unfortunately for them, FPX did not intend to lose Icebox. Suygetsu and ardiis went on a 3K run early in the game, so that their team was soon leading 5-1. KRU Esports managed to tighten the score before the changeover, however, to 5-7. On the Attack, FunPlus Phoenix was effective, and eventually won the map 13-9.

On Ascent, the roster quickly took the lead, again, thanks in particular to the 4K, then the 3K ofANGE1 during rounds 3 and 4. Keznit will have managed a 4K in the period, giving KRU Esports a second point. Despite this, FPX's dominance is undeniable. At the changeover the team leads 9-3. No curse this time, the roster wins the map 13 to 4, on a superb ace of ardiis.

Fnatic takes its revenge

In the opening match, Fnatic took on 100Thieves. Despite their best efforts, the European players ended up losing 2-1, but Enzo and his teammates did not give up. They eliminated FURIA Esports in order to stay in the competition. This victory gave them an extra chance to reach the playoffs, but for that they had to face 100Thieves again... It was in an electric and tense atmosphere that the two teams faced each other for the second time.

In the first match, Fnatic were in trouble. Determined to show their full potential, Alfajer and Derke gave their opponents no chance. On Bind, Fnatic has won 13-5, after a near perfect Attack phase. The team conceded only two sets. Alfajer and his Raze have largely contributed to the European victory, since the duellist completes the map with a KDA of 21/10/10 and even took advantage of this part to bring in a superb 4K.

The 100Thieves started the game better on Ascent, but they were soon caught up in the score. Fnatic was solid in defence and managed to win the first half 8-4. This time it was Derke who shows off with his Jett, this was followed by a 4K in round 9 and an impressive flick in the next heat. The North Americans managed to win three more rounds before losing 7-13.

The playoffs start today, from 4pm CEST. The first quarter-final is between Leviatan and LOUD. The evening will continue with the confrontation between DRX and FunPlus Phoenix. For this match, meet at around 7pm CEST on the Official stream. You can also enjoy the watch party organised by our HyP, on Twitch channel !

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