First matches of the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA

The Last Chance Qualifier is an opportunity for non-qualified teams to participate in the Valorant Champions, to get an extra slot for the final VCT 2022 competition. The EMEA region has an extra slot for the final VCT 2022 competition, and the eight qualified teams are all determined to make it their own. The first few games of the EMEA LCQ saw OG LDN UTD and M3C Champions succeed. Acend and G2 Esports, on the other hand, have floundered and now have no room for error.

OG LDN UTD crushes G2 Esports

The European giant, G2 Esports, missed qualifying for the Valorant Champions by a small margin, finishing third of the ranking according to VCT points. The team nevertheless secured its place in the Last Chance Qualifier EMEA. In their first match of the tournament, the roster faced OG LDN UTDwho just qualified for this QCL.

Based on this ranking and the overall performance of both teams during the VCT, G2 Esports appeared to be the winner of this match. However, it was OG LDN UTD who dominated this match, sending G2s directly to the lower bracket.

OG quickly set the tone on Haven. More specifically, it is MOLSI who dotted the i's and crossed the t's, inflicting a 3K and then an ace on his opponents. OG LDN UTD's attack is clean and efficient. The roster has conceded only four sets in this first half. The G2's are down by four points when they go on the attack. MOLSI and his Raze are still holding the line on Defense. G2 Esports only find one more win before losing 5-13.

The match continued on Ascent,a map on which both teams have a good record. G2 Esports took the first two rounds. After winning the next round, OG took advantage of the ace of feqew to come back to the score. From then on, the roster dominated the match again and proved decisive in critical moments. At the changeover, OG LDN UTD leads 8-4, once again. If G2 managed to win the pistol-round and the next one, it was the last rounds that they won. OG folds the map 13 to 6, and the match in the process.

Thanks to this victory, OG continues in the upper bracket, and will face M3 Champions Wednesday 4 August. G2 Esports, on the other hand, finds itself in a tricky situation and has no room for error. They will have to beat Acend, on 4th August to keep themselves in the tournament and hope to join the Valorant Champions.

A very close encounter

The second match of the day saw M3 Champions and Acend battle it out. Both teams made it to the EMEA LCQ by finishing sixth and seventh in the VCT points table. The last time these teams met was on 17th June. In that match, M3C won 2-0, so one imagines that Acend was motivated to get revenge. Unfortunately for them, this was not the case...

Acend has focused on Split to start the game. The match started off very well, with M3C simply setting the pace and winning the first six rounds. Despite a 4K from Chronicle in the seventh round, M3C lost the point. From then on, the Acend players took the lead and went on to win six rounds in turn. The team continued to do so even after the changeover, and took four more rounds. At the end of round 19, only one point was missing to former World Champions to win the map. M3C managed to take two more points, but eventually lost 9 to 13.

The battle was equally close on Breeze : twenty-three rounds were played to decide between the two rosters. This time it was Acend who took the lead in the first half: the team led 5-2 at the end of round 7. However, the M3C players did not give up and came back before taking the lead. After the changeover, the two teams exchanged winning and losing rounds. Acend won round 21 and got dangerously close to the score: 10-11. Unfortunately for them, Chronicle hits hard and strings together two 3Ks in rounds 22 and 23, which lead their team to victory. Final score: 13-10.

The game ended on the map Fracture. In the pistol-round, nAts managed to defeat four opponents, but M3C still lost the round. This defeat led to a second one. Despite Acend taking the lead, M3C largely dominated the rest of the period. nAts struck again in round 5 with a 3K, which gave his team the first win in a series of seven. After the changeover, the M3 Champions quickly found themselves in a comfortable position with an eight-point lead. All they needed was a win to end the match. Acend went on to win two more rounds before going down on one knee to Jady. M3C finally wins 13 to 6.

As previously mentioned, Acend are in the lower bracket and will have to face G2 Esports, while the M3C remain in contention for the upper bracket final. Before they get there, they will have to defeat OG LDN UTD.

Other matches are scheduled before these two games. Team Liquid will face BBL Esports shortly today (4pm CEST). Guild Esports and Natus Vincere, will fight later in the evening (7pm CEST).

If you wish to support either team, please visit VALORANT's Twitch channel.

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