Shroud's first game: Sentinels in trouble?

At the beginning of July, the Sentinels made a shocking announcement by revealing the addition of Shroud to his team. This roster change came ahead of the Last Chance Qualifier NA, which the roster qualified for. During their first match in the LCQ, which was expected by many fans, the team failed to deliver.

Both The Guard and Sentinels qualified for the Last Chance Qualifier NA by finishing in the TOP10 of North American teams. The former having even managed to in fourth place. For their respective first match, the rosters faced each other last night.

The Sentinels were the favourites to win the competition, but The Guard had nothing to envy them. The Guard were victorious in their last match at the Challengers 1 NA.

Yesterday's epic battle began on Breeze. On this map, no team really managed to get the upper hand. Sentinels did get a lead in the first phase, but was quickly caught up once in Defense. Overtime was necessary, and it took 28 rounds to determine the winner. Carried by ZellsisSentinels eventually won out, despite the efforts of trent. It was Shroud who closed the map with a superb 3K. Final score: 13-15.

The Sentinels player, Trent, again showed off his skills on Ascent, making in total four different 3Ks were achieved. On this second map, the two teams exchanged wins and losses. At the changeover, they found themselves in a perfect tie. However, The Guard quickly took the lead, after winning the pistol-round. In the 18th round, valyn A superb 4K gave his team an extra point and an 11-7 lead. Sentinels won three more sets before losing 13-10. In this section, Shroud found himself in a bit of trouble, and finished the map with a KDA of 8/17/8.

Icebox was the tie-breaker between the two teams. Sentinels won the first three rounds. The 4K of Sayaplayer in the next round ended that winning streak. From then on, The Guard led the way and took 6 more rounds. ShaZaM and his team did not give up and came back to score. Unfortunately for him, The Guard was decisive in the extra time. Final score: 15-13.

If Shroud is still a bit behind (KDA of 14/22/7) compared to other players, he still made some nice actions, like this magnificent 4K to regain possession of the B site.

Between Shroud's first appearance and the need to win the LCQ, it is possible that the results achieved by Sentinels last night were related to the pressure on the players. Nevertheless, across all three maps, the team showed potential and so it would not be justified to speak of real difficulties.

The next match will be decisive and the players will not be allowed to make any mistakes this time. If you want to watch this match, you will have to get up early, as it will take place on 7th August at 1am CEST. Go to VALORANT's Twitch channel.