DRX remains undefeated at Valorant Champions

The second phase of the Valorant Champions began last Friday, with the first playoff matches. During this ninth day of competition, DRX fought FunPlus Phoenix, a match that ended in another victory for the Koreans. The other match of the day was between LOUD at Leviatan. While the latter have made it to the playoffs unscathed, this time they faced stronger opponents and eventually lost.

A clean sweep for DRX

DRX players are regulars on international LANs. Initially, they entered the competitive scene under the aegis of Vision Strikers. With this structure, they participated in several Challengers, but especially in two of the three Masters of the first edition of the VCT. In addition, the team qualified for the first Valorant Champions, but did not make it to the playoffs.

This year, under the DRX banner, the roster once again excelled in the Korean circuit and even fought in the Copenhagen and Reykjavik Masters. By finishing first in the VCT points ranking, the structure has secured its ticket to the Valorant Champions. During the group stage, the team got its pass for the playoffs by winning in turn against FURIA Esports and then 100Thieves. Both matches followed the same pattern: DRX won the first map after an intense and extremely close game, before winning the second with ease.

DRX started the playoffs on a high note, and won another match without conceding a single card. Again, the pattern was repeated. FunPlus Phoenix held their own in the Ascent, both teams showed great execution throughout the game. Both teams showed great performances throughout the game, such as this incredible clutch of ardiis at set 25 to give FPX the lead. Despite this, the Koreans withstood the pressure as they have done in previous matches. At the end of the thirty-sixth round, and almost an hour and forty minutes of play, the roster finally won 19-17.

On Breeze, DRX took advantage of the "guaranteed victory after a close match" buff. The team won again without difficulty. Driven by stax, Zest and MaKo, the roster has folded the map 13 to 5.

The kiNgg has struck hard!

The other match on Friday was between LOUD and Leviatan, the first qualified for the playoffs. The two teams had not yet had the opportunity to face each other in the past. The LOUD discovered, live, the talent of kiNgg. On the two maps of the game, namely Icebox and Haven, the Chilean player excelled, finishing with a KDA of 48/27/10.

Nevertheless, the LOUDs did well. On the first map of the match, the roster found itself in a weak position, led 12-6. Determined to win this point, the Brazilian players managed to come back to the score, and managed to win over time after a superb remontada. Finally, after eight successive wins, the team won 14-12.

On Haven, kiNgg made his presence felt again, as he was the only one on his team with a positive KD at the end of the game. With his Raze, he racked up 22 kills, including five 2Ks, a 3K and a 4K, topping the overall leaderboard with a KDA of 22/14/2.

By emerging victorious from their match, the Koreans of DRX are maintained in the upper bracket, and reach the semi-finals. To reach the final, they must first knock down LOUD and their 'king'. This meeting will be held 12 September at 4pm CEST. It will be followed by the confrontation between OpTic Gaming and XSET around 19:00 CEST.

To follow these meetings, go to Official stream. You can also take advantage of the watch party organised by HyP, directly on Twitch channel.

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