Dates of the Challengers Ascension 2023 tournament

The tournament Challengers Ascension is part of the new things of the Valorant Champions 2023. This competition is a real springboard to the highest level of competition, as it offers an opportunity to enter the International Leagues. Each region has its own tournament with the best teams from the lower circuit. With dreams in their heads, these teams will have to give it their all to make it to the top! In this article, you will find the dates and key information about the Ascension of the three regions.

Challengers Ascension - Schedule

The Ascension Challengers tournaments allow three teams to enter the VCT in 2024.

The Challengers Ascension EMEA tournament

  • From 30th June to 16th July - Final stages live from the Messe Berlin.

This competition brings together a total of ten teams: the top nine from the various Valorant Challengers Leagues in the EMEA region, determined via a ranking, the winner of the Plays-In tournament will also be chosen. You can find more information on this subject on our article dedicated to the Ascension EMEA format.

If you wish to watch the matches on site, go to the official shop from now on.

The Challengers Ascension Pacific Tournament

  • From 28th June to 9th July - Final stages live from Bangkok.

Only the top ten teams in the Pacific Region VCL will be awarded a slot in the Ascension Tournament. To determine which team will join the League in 2024, they will be divided into two groups and will compete in a single-round robin format in BO3 matches. The TOP3 of each group will advance to the playoffs. Unlike the other matches, the final will be a BO5.

The Challengers Ascension Americas tournament

  • From 30th to 9th July - Final stages live from São Paulo.

While the other two Ascension tournaments bring together ten teams, the one in the Americas region brings together only that six teams. The slots will be allocated as follows: 1 slot for LATAM South, 1 slot for LATAM North, 2 slots for VCL Brazil and 2 slots for VCL America.

First, the six qualifiers will compete in a single-round robin format. This group phase will determine their respective place in the double-elimination tree - quarter or semi-final - of the playoffs. All matches, except the final, are BO3.