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LCQ NA – Cloud9 qualifies for the Champions

After a few twists and turns, the Last Chance Qualifier NA is now over. In the end, Cloud0 Blue got their slot for the Valorant Champions.

A deserved Grand Final

Several big North American teams were competing in this last chance tournament, including 100Thieves, who were the favourites of the LCQ. However, the players from Rise, who were not to be counted out as they made it all the way to the Grand Final, eliminated Faze Clan, Cloud9 Blue and finally 100Thieves.

Sent to the lower bracket in the semi-finals, Cloud9 Blue had to work their way back to the top. Against Gen.G, the team won 2-1, dispatching the first map 13 to 1. The roster then eliminated XSET 2-0 to meet 100Thieves in the small final. This match-up pitted two of the best teams still in the running against each other. It took three maps to decide between them, but Cloud9 came out on top with a final score of 13-5 on Breeze.

It's time for a rematch!

The Grand Final was played in an electric atmosphere, as the last meeting between the two teams ended in defeat for Cloud9 Blue. Rise had even closed the match a 13-4 victory. However, the Cloud9 roster did not give up and went through the lower bracket to get their revenge!

Both teams fought to the end, but Cloud9 Blue proved to be more tenacious than Rise, winning the match in just 3 maps.

BreezeRise8 - 13Cloud9 Blue
SplitRise0 - 13 Cloud9 Blue
BindRise11 - 13 Cloud9 Blue
Maps results – Grand Final of the LCQ NA

To start the match, Cloud9 decided that the first map would be Breeze, a map on which the team has a 90% victory, compared to only 50% for Rise. If Cloud9 won, it was not without difficulty. At side change, the two roster were neck and neck, 7-5, with a slight lead for Cloud9. In the Attack, Rise could not regain the upper hand, winning only 3 more rounds before losing 8 to 13.

Determined to clear their name and finish in style, Cloud9 Blue made a clean sweep on Split, second map of the match. In order to put all the chances on their sides, the Cloud9 players opted for a daring and unexpected composition, with a Breach in the hands of Xeta. In the post match-interview, Shanks will admit that the team was surprised by this daring idea.

I think what caught us off-guard was the Split game when they had a completely new setup. We haven't seen Breach on Split in like a year.

Shanks – Rise player

Thus, thanks to a strategy that proved to be more than effective, but also thanks to Keppaa and his Raze (KDA: 21/4/3), the team won 13-0.

On the third and final map, Bind, the players from Rise did not lose out, on the contrary. They gave Cloud9 a hard time until the end. At side change, no team had the upper hand. It was only during the second game that the Cloud9 Blue team finally won, with only two rounds to spare, 13 à 11.

Thanks to this victory, Cloud9 secures the very last place available for the Valorant Champions. This last and final stage of the VCT promises some high-flying matches, which will be discovered from 1st to 12th December!

LCQ NA - Cloud9 Blue qualifies for Champions - valorant champions tour esports meta -

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