Cloud9 eliminates Paper Rex from Lock//In Sao Paulo

The LOCK//IN Sao Paulo is in full swing, and the first eliminations are taking place. Cloud9 having overcome Paper Rex on the second day, the North American team remained in the tournament. Their opponents join KOI, Detonation FocusMe, BBL Esports and FunPlus Phoenix on the elimination list, defeated by Karmine Corp.

To lift the first VCT 2023 trophy, yay and his new teammates will still have to knock off a few teams. Their next target is none other than DRX, an excellent Korean team. The match is scheduled for 18th February.

In recent years, Cloud9 has appeared in various major Valorant competitions. The structure has reached its peak by winning the LCQ NA in 2021, but couldn't stand out at Valorant Champions. The American organisation will have another opportunity to shine this year, as it was selected as one of the ten teams for the Americas League.

And to make it all worthwhile, Cloud9 can count on its new roster of six extremely talented players. Leaf, Xeppaa, vanity, Zellsis and yay have not waited long to demonstrate their know-how and are already wearing the blue and white of their structure loud and clear.

During their first match of the LOCK//IN Sao Paulo, they faced Paper Rex ; a match they led from start to finish. They first won 13-8 on Lotus, before winning Pearl with even greater ease, 13 to 4.

Leaf and Xeppaa contributed greatly to their team's success. The former finished with a very good KDA of 38/20/12. The second one has a total of 42 eliminations and 13 assists for only 22 deaths, and even offered himself a beautiful ace on Pearl.

With this meeting, the audience was able to discover how professional players take over Lotus little by little. Despite the defeat, Paper Rex revealed some interesting uses for Sage's wall. At the beginning of the game, Benkai used his wall to allow Raze's Boom Bot to quickly reach the platform of site C. Knowing that an opponent usually holds a line towards the front door, it was a smart boost to spot or dislodge him.

Later in the game, f0rsaken found a quick elimination thanks to a new boost linked to Sage's wall. By taking down Zellsis, then Xeppa, Paper Rex easily invaded Site A, and even won the round.

Paper Rex tried to surprise Cloud9 on many occasions, but perhaps lacked a little preparation against an opponent of this calibre. The Singaporeans' adventure in Brazil came to a premature end. The Cloud9s, on the other hand, continue to dream of victory. They will try to shoot down DRX on 18th Februaryto get a little closer to the trophy.

Beyond a personal victory and the first domination over the other teams, the team that wins the LOCK//IN São Paulo will offer its League a second slot for the Tokyo Masters. The stakes are therefore high, and all are determined to win!