Format change for the Challengers EU

Due to the numerous feedback received, Riot Games and Freaks 4U have decided to change the format of the Valorant Challengers EU. On the programme: less BO1s and seeding for the best teams.

A format more than contested

The first week of the European Valorant Challengers began in confusion. The competition bracket was slow to be published, but more importantly, the rules and format were only established at the last moment. All this was corrected little by little, but it was very complicated for teams and viewers to follow the competition.

If that wasn't enough, the VCT is under fire for other reasons as well. Many voices, from amateurs, professional players and commentators, strongly question the current format of the tournament.

Three particular rules are pointed out. They were already present during the First Strike and each of them brings other problems.

  • There is no real team seeding
  • Most matches are played in BO1
  • Any defeat disqualifies a team

Aware of these problems, Freaks 4U, which is in charge of organising and broadcasting the VCT in Europe, decided to make changes. They are detailed on the official website of the competition.

Less BO1 matches

Until now, matches were played in BO3 only when there were 32 teams left in the competition. Worse, the organisers were planning to start the BO3s in the quarter-finals. Fortunately, this is no longer the case. From the next Valorant Challengers, the matches will be played in BO3 as soon as there are only 128 teams left..

It must be said that matches in BO1 can be particularly frustrating. A very high level team will necessarily win over more modest players, so it's not embarrassing to have BO1s at the beginning of the competition. But an average team can very well beat champions on a misunderstanding. When the match is played on a single map, it's enough for the challengers to have little luck, an advantageous choice of map or a sudden burst of talent to win against all odds.

That's about what happened in Week 1. The Team Heretics, European current champion, lost in a BO1 against Entropiq. It was therefore immediately disqualified, even though the Entropiq lost their next match.

The arrival of the BO3s should therefore allow us to have a competitive scene that is fairer and more interesting. The best players will be able to express their talent and not lose everything on a single mistake. There is no question of establishing a double elimination format at the moment, but it's already a big step.

Seeding for the best teams

The seeding of the VCT was rather nebulous. Although it was clear that the organisers had made sure that the biggest teams didn't cross each other from the beginning, it wasn't clear how the others were placed.

From now on, each team's seeding will depend on its results in the previous VCT tournament. A team that went very far in Week 1 will therefore meet players who lost much earlier. The purpose of this is to ensure that the best teams meet as late as possible. Among other things, this helps to keep the stakes high and the show going throughout the competition. It would be unfortunate to have a match worthy of a final in the 256th final.

A positive evolution

If we ignore the initial scrambles, it's rather reassuring to see the organisers reacting so quickly. It's normal for an esports game to look for itself, especially in terms of format and rules. It can also be a question of problems of means (financial or human) to hold a tournament worthy of the name.

In any case, the Challengers EU 2, which will take place from 17th to 21st February, should already be much more interesting to follow.

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