Planning and Results of the Challengers EMEA - VCT 2023

Unlike previous editions, the Valorant Champions Tour 2023 has only one segment, called Challengers. This is an internal competition for each of the three leagues that were set up this year. In this article, we will focus on the schedule and results of the EMEA League structures.

For several weeks, the ten franchised teams will compete for a place in the playoffs. At the end of this phase, the four best teams will get their ticket for the only Masters of the year, namely the Tokyo Masters.

If you want to follow the matches, go to the French Twitch channel of Valorant.

Playoff results - 23-28 May

This section will be updated as information becomes available.

Team Liquid wins the VCT EMEA 2023by defeating the indestructible Fnatic three cards to one in the Grand Final. It was a fine revenge for the team that lost to them in the final of the top bracket.

Quarter-final 1Tue. 23/055pmGiants Gaming0 - 2FUT Esports
Quarter-final 2Tue. 23/058pmTeam Liquid2 - 1Team Vitality
Semi-final 1Wed. 24/055pmFnatic2 - 1FUT Esports
Semi-final 2Wed. 24/058pmNatus Vincere0 - 2Team Liquid
Lower bracket Round 1 - Match 1Thu. 25/065pmTeam Vitality1 - 2FUT Esports
Lower bracket Round 1 - Match 2Thu. 25/068pmGiants Gaming0 - 2Natus Vincere
Upper bracket finalFri 26/055pmFnatic2 - 0Team Liquid
Round 2 of the lower bracketFri 26/058pmNatus Vincere0 - 2FUT Esports
Lower bracket finalSat. 27/055pmTeam Liquid3 - 0FUT Esports
Grand FinalSun. 28/055pmFnatic1 - 3Team Liquid

Regular season standings

The ranking below only takes into account the number of wins and losses. Last updated on 22 May.

2ndNatus Vincere72
3rdTeam Liquid63
4thGiants Gaming54
5eFUT Esports54
6eTeam Vitality45
7thBBL Esports36
8thTeam Heretics27
10eKarmine Corp27

First week of competition - 27th-31st March

Mon. 27/036pmKOI2 - 0Natus Vincere
Mon. 27/039pmFnatic2 - 0Giants
Tue. 28/036pmTeam Heretics0 - 2FUT Esports
Tue. 28/039pmTeam Liquid1 - 2Vitality
Wed. 29/036pmNatus Vincere2 - 1Giants
Wed. 29/039pmKarmine Corp2 - 0BBL Esports
Thu. 30/036pmTeam Liquid2 - 1FUT Esports
Thu. 30/039pmKOI0 - 2Vitality
Fri. 31/036pmFnatic2 - 1BBL Esports
Fri. 31/039pmTeam Heretics2 - 0Karmine Corp

Second week of competition - 5th-7th April

Wed 05/048pmVitality0 - 2FUT Esports
Thu 06/046pmNatus Vincere2 - 0BBL Esports
Thu 06/049pmFnatic2 - 0Team Heretics
Fri 07/046pmTeam Liquid2 - 0Karmine Corp
Fri 07/049pmKOI0 - 2Giants

Third week of competition - 12th-14th April

Wed. 12/048pmNatus Vincere2 - 1Team Heretics
Thu. 13/046pmKOI0 - 2FUT Esports
Thu. 13/049pmTeam Liquid0 - 2Fnatic
Fri 14/046pmGiants2 - 0BBL Esports
Fri 14/049pmVitality2 - 0Karmine Corp

Fourth week of competition - 19th-21st April

Wed. 19/048pmTeam Heretics0 - 2Team Liquid
Match postponed6pmKOIvs.Fnatic
Thu. 20/046pmFUT Esports0 - 2Giants
Fri 21/046pmKarmine Corp0 - 2Natus Vincere
Fri 21/049pmBBL Esports2 - 0Vitality

Fifth week of competition - 26th-28th April

Wed. 26/048pmGiants1 - 2Team Liquid
Thu. 27/046pmBBL Esports2 - 1Team Heretics
Thu. 27/049pmKOI1 - 2Karmine Corp
Fri 28/046pmFUT Esports0 - 2Fnatic
Fri 28/049pmVitality0 - 2Natus Vincere

Sixth week of competition - 3th-5th May

Wed 03/058pmVitality0 - 2Fnatic
Thu 04/056pmFUT Esports0 - 2Karmine Corp
Thu 04/059pmKOI1 - 2BBL Esports
Fri 05/056pmNatus Vincere2 - 0Team Liquid
Fri 05/059pmGiants0 - 2Team Heretics

Seventh week of competition - 10th-12th May

Wed. 10/056pmFnatic0 - 2KOI
Wed. 10/058pmGiants2 - 1Vitality
Thu. 11/056pmFUT Esports0 - 2Natus Vincere
Thu. 11/059pmKarmine Corp0 - 2Fnatic
Fri 12/056pmBBL Esports1 - 2Team Liquid
Fri 12/059pmKOI2 - 1Team Heretics

Week 8 of the competition - 17th-19th May

Wed. 17/058pmFnatic2 - 0Natus Vincere
Thu. 18/056pmTeam Heretics0 - 2Vitality
Thu. 18/059pmKarmine Corp0 - 2Giants
Fri 19/056pmKOI1 - 2Team Liquid
Fri 19/059pmBBL Esports0 - 2FUT Esports