BBL Queens takes the title in Game Changers EMEA Series 3

Impressively efficient, the players from BBL Queens their first victory in the a Game Changers EMEA tournament this weekend against Acend Rising. Not only did they dethrone the indestructible G2 Gozen, but they did it in the best possible way. Eva, Vania, alkyia, Felipa and Wens emerged victorious from the Series 3 without losing any of the ten matches played.

Since October 2021, the Game Changers EMEA tournaments have been dominated by representatives from G2 Gozen. Only members of Guild X were able to bring them downat the second tournament of the 2022 season. Once again this year, the G2s won the first two regional competitions, retaining their top spot.

Despite this, Gozo's supremacy seems to be fading. At from the previous Game ChangersThe team's performance in the group phase was marked by a drop in form, and today the team returned the crown and missed out on the podium, finishing in fourth place. Those who have taken their place on the EMEA throneare none other than players from BBL Queens. It was a fine revenge for their second-place finish in Series 1.

Once again, the Turks are out at the top of their group and qualified for the play-offs without any real difficulty. For the record, they finished with 7 wins and 0 lossesThey conceded just two maps out of sixteen. While this was already an impressive performance, it was not the end of the story. In the rest of the tournament, they remained unbeaten. Eva and her cohorts knocked out NASR Ignitebefore crushing the Falcons Vegaand finally won the title against Acend Rising.

It still took four cards to separate the two finalists. BBL Queens took Haven 13-11then Lotus 13 to 4. She then lost 12-14 on Ascent, before ending the match on Split, which she won 13-5. During the match, Vania and eva were particularly impressive. Both players made a string of eliminations and won several clutches. It's even worth noting that Vania made over 80 kills in total with a rating of 1.40 at the end of the four maps.

Thanks to this fine victory, the BBL Queens have definitively written their names in the history of Valorant esports. They will have the opportunity to shine once again at the World Championship at the end of November. The G2 Gozen, who have also qualified thanks to circuit points, will need to prepare themselves well. if they want to retain their title.