VCT P3 - Challengers EU 1 Qualifiers Recap

The Phase 3 of the Valorant Champions Tour started last week! At the end of these confrontations, only 8 teams are still in the running for a qualification to the EMEA Challengers, the final stage before the Masters in Berlin. Let's take a look at the teams that have done well and those that have unfortunately failed in this new stage of the VCT.

The teams still in the running

For this Phase 3, the Challengers are divided into 4 stages. There were more than 300 teams competing in the Open Qualifier, and only 16 of them made it to the Closed Qualifier, which this time took place in a double elimination bracket. In the end, the 8 winners were as follows:

Upper Bracket

Guild Esports
Team Liquid
G2 Esports

Lower Bracket

Rix.GG Thunder
Team BDS
FunPlus Phoenix

A phase full of upsets

Learning from the lessons of the previous phases, many organisations have sought to revise their team compositions. Add to that a brand new map and a revised game economy, and the entire meta is changing. In addition, the European scene has grown enormously in the last few months, which means that there are now far more teams and organisations than there are places at the finish. It was in these conditions that the EU Challengers took place, with a balance of power that was bound to be upset.

Notable absentees at the start of the Closer Qualifier included Team Heretics, OG Esports and Megastitut. Team Heretics fell to BK ROG Esports, while OG Esports fell to Team Finest. As for Megastitut, the champions of the first VALOTF were surprised by Team Sampi, a team that did not reach the Closed Qualifier.

The new Europe

The Closed Qualifier was where we saw the biggest changes in dynamics. G2 Esports, which recently recruited Heretics players as well as keloqz, was probably the team that stood out the most. The former kings of Europe had been losing steam since the end of 2020. This time, the team is back. They managed to defeat Vitality, but more importantly Fnatic, the finalists of the Reykjavik Masters, by winning two maps to zero.

Following their loss to G2, Vitality defeated Tenstar, but lost to FunPlus Phoenix. The match was extremely close though and each map was decided by a hair's breadth. Fnatic, on the other hand, managed to keep going by beating Wave Esports, including winning Icebox on a score of 13-1.

Much less success for the Ninjas in Pyjamas. Defeated by Alliance in the Upper Bracket, the team lost two maps to zero against Team Finest in the Lower Bracket. They then lost to Team BDS, new champions of the VALOTF, but they are still a new contender that should not be underestimated in the future.

As for Alliance, the team failed against Team Liquid on the verge of qualification. In the Lower Bracket, the team lost again to Rix.GG Thunder, notably on a severe 4-13 on Haven.

The rest of the Challengers EU

The 8 qualified teams meet again this week for the Main Event of the Challengers EU. A brand new double elimination bracket has been implemented and the top four teams will meet the Soviet, Turkish and African teams in the EMEA Challengers of Phase 3.

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