VCT P3 – Back to the Challengers EU 2

The Phase 3 of the Valorant Champions Tour continues with the Challengers 2 EU. After a new open and closer qualifier, four new teams will be able to try to qualify for the Challengers EMEA. Here's a look back at another exciting week.

The teams still in the running

Here are the eight teams that qualified for the Challengers 2 EU Main Event. Only two of them will be able to join Acend and G2 Esports in the Challengers EMEA.

Upper Bracket

Giants Gaming

Lower Bracket

Team Vitality

Qualified for Challengers 1

Team BDS
Team Liquid
Rix.GG Thunder

An almost flawless Open Qualifier

For this Challengers 2, the surprises started in the Open Qualifier. Most of the favourites made it through this event without too much difficulty, but there were some whose journey came to a premature end.

Mégastitut lost their match against bref, Fatih's team. The former champions of the Valorant Open Tour France are once again struggling to make a difference on the international stage. Let's hope that it's only a period of adaptation to the loss of their coach and to the arrival of a new player.

The other notable absentee is OG Esports. While the team dominated the first map and started the second one very well, they were completely outclassed by MTP Esport. This convincing victory allowed MTP to advance to the Closed Qualifier.

Many teams for only four places

With so few spots at stake, the Closed Qualifier was extremely competitive. The tournament started with a defeat of MTP Esport facing Team Finest. The French outsiders only managed to win 5 rounds in total in this BO3, before being thrown into the loser bracket. Despite a more balanced match against Ninjas in Pyjamas, they were still knocked out of the tournament.

The Ninjas found themselves in the loser bracket in the first round because they had the misfortune to cross paths with Team Heretics. The Ninjas survived for a while in the loser bracket before falling to Team Vitality.

As for Team Heretics, they won their first two matches, but lost in the final against Tenstar, including a terrible 3-13 on Breeze. Despite this, the Heretics still chose to play against Vitality on Breeze... where they took an even bigger beating, with a score of 2-13. Team Vitality managed to qualify by climbing up the loser bracket and playing against some pretty solid organisations.

This is another setback for Team Heretics, which has struggled to find success since their player swap with G2 Esports. The temporary unavailability of Ardiis must also have an effect on the overall level of the team, which misses its last change to participate in the Masters.

On the other side of the winner bracket, it was Giants Gaming who impressed. Never before known to be so formidable, they performed a flawless by beating BIG, Team Vitality and Alliance, all on 2-0 scores. Their match against Vitality even resulted in a very long map that was played out over 32 rounds. While they didn't crush the competition, the team did show qualities that we didn't know they had. We can't wait to see what they can produce in the main event of Challengers 2.

Despite their loss to Giants, the team Alliance qualified by beating their opponents one round at a time. While they never made a big stomp, even when the competition didn't look that impressive, the team showed a consistency that earned them a spot in the main event.

Last chance to reach EMEA

The stage is set for the European Challengers 2 Main Event which starts tomorrow night. The winners of the Closed Qualifier will join the unfortunate losers of Challengers 1 in a new double elimination bracket. Only two teams will advance to the Challengers EMEA and possibly win their place in the Masters 3 in Berlin.

For the other teams with World Championship ambition, they will have to hope for a spot during the Last Chance tournament, for which we have no details yet...

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