Australia deprived of Valorant Champions

Due to the health situation, Riot Games has announced that the two Australian teams, ORDER and Chiefs Esports Club, will not participate in the Last Change Qualifier NA. This step was their only chance to enter the Valorant Champions.

The Valorant Oceania Tour

The Valorant Oceania Tour allowed teams from the Oceania region to compete against each other. Similar to the VCT, the VOT was run in 3 phases, each ending with a major event. Teams accumulated VOT points as they won, to determine the 8 rosters that qualified for the Oceania Champions, the final stage of the VOT. As the Oceania region does not have have a slot for the Valorant Champions, this championship aimed to qualify the two finalists for the Last Chance Qualifier NA.

In the Grand Final, it was the ORDER and PEACE (today Chiefs Esports Club) that faced each other. ORDER won 3-2, becoming the best 2021 team in the Oceania region.

At the end of this competition, these two rosters had obtained their slots for the LCQ NA and therefore a chance to join the World Championship.

Australia out of Champions 2021 for good

While the Valorant Champions is approaching, the non-qualified teams are preparing for the Last Chance Qualifiers. Each region (NA, EMEA, SA and APAC) has an extra slot for the Valorant Champions.

Recently, the APAC and NA LCQs underwent changes in their formats. Initially consisting of 10 teams, the NA LCQ was to be held in a modified format from the standard "double elimination" format. This was without taking into account the difficulties in bringing the two Australian teams , ORDER and Chiefs Esports Club, to the US.

In an official statement, Riot explained that due to the health situation, they could not guarantee the participation of these teams and their return, within a reasonable period of time. It was therefore decided that these two organisations would not participate in the NA LCQ. Without access to this last chance, the Australian teams will not be eligible for a place in the Valorant Champions.

In the same tweet, Riot expressed its appreciation to the Oceania Tour teams. In addition, ORDER and Chiefs Esports Club will receive compensation from the company.

Despite the move by Riot, both Australian teams have expressed dismay at the decision. In a joint statement, the organisations lament the lack of consideration for the Oceania region. They said the LCQ was more than just a "last chance" to qualify for the Champions.

Not only was it the first VALORANT LAN event for the players, but also a huge opportunity under the spotlight for potential scouting, and invaluable international stage experience. Unfortunately, this experience is always few and far between for our region.

Joint Statement – Chiefs Esports and ORDER

In addition to the impact on the players and their potential international careers, ORDER and Chiefs Esports warn of the fragility of the esports ecosystem in Oceania. For these organisations, as for others in the region, VOT is the source of economic partnerships. They were counting on the LCQ to reinforce their collaborations, but also to pursue the development of esports locally

From a commercial and media perspective as well, this event would have strengthened the local scene through core partnerships developed and led to significant positive impact for both organisations as they continue to lead the development of esports locally.

Joint Statement – Chiefs Esports and ORDER

The Australian continent will not be represented at the Valorant Champions in this first season. Nevertheless, both teams are more than open to dialogue with Riot Games, which intends to review the operation of the circuit to better integrate Oceania in its future Valorant competitions on an international level.