An intense week – Recap VCT 2022 Week 6

With the current situation in Ukraine, Gambit Esports has allowed its team to participate under a different name. The roster now appears under the name M3 Champions.

In contrast to last week, this sixth week of the VCT 2022 was rich in confrontations. A total of 10 matches were played, including both Groups A and B. This is due to the addition of postponed matches, in addition to the originally scheduled matches.

Fnatic takes the lead in Group B

Last week, Fnatic was neck and neck with Guild Esportswith 2 wins and 0 losses. This week, the British structure has taken the lead thanks to two more victories. Against SuperMassive Blaze, they won 13-9 over Icebox and 13-4 over Ascent. In the second match, Fnatic faced Acend. Again, they dominated, finishing with a perfect 2 maps to 0. First they took the lead over Haven, 13-4. The second point was harder to come by, as the match was played over 23 rounds, ending at 13-10, in favour of Fnatic.

SuperMassive Blaze and BIG are in hot water

In Group A, two teams are still competing for the lead. On the other hand, one team is in the bottom half of the ranking. Last week, BIG accumulated 2 defeats. After this new week of competition, the structure accumulates 2 more. Against Natus Vincere, the match was relatively close and was played in 3 cards, ending at 1-2. In the second match, the players gave it their all against Team Liquid, but they finally lost 2-0.

In Group B, it is SuperMassive Blaze that is stagnating in last place. This week, the team played two other structures. The match against Fnatic ended in a rather quick 2-0. Conversely, the match against Guild Esports was a long and intense battle. On Haven, the players played 23 rounds. SuperMassive Esports came out on top. Unfortunately, the rest of the match was not so rosy for the structure. Guild Esports stomped Breeze, conceding only one round. In the end, the game was played on Icebox, a map that took 36 rounds to decide between the two teams. At the end of the match, Guild Esports came out on top. With these 2 new defeats, the organisation has an overall score of 0-5.

G2 Esports gets back on track

After this week of competition, G2 Esports has moved up one place in the overall Group B standings. The team won both of its matches. We can note the performances of Meddo and m1xwell facing BBL Esports. They finished with a KDA of 34/25/13 and 32/19/15 respectively. G2 won this match without too much difficulty, as they won Icebox 13-7 and Split 13-3.

Against Guild Esports, Meddo made the difference again, with nukkye, getting a KDA of 38/24/6 and 43/28/15 respectively. The match on Bind was rather close and ended with a score of 13-9. On Icebox, the G2 players proved to be decisive on Attack, leading 9-3 at side change. The game finally ended at 13-9.

Acend falls in the rankings

By losing both of their games this week, the Acend roster finds itself in the second to last position in Group B. They started as favourites against BBL Esports, but ended up losing 2-1. The match was particularly tough: 6-13 on Haven and Ascent and 13-11 on Split. In the match against Fnatic, the Acend players fought back well on the first map, and lost the point narrowly with a final score of 10-13. However, on Haven, they lost again very quickly and lost this second map 13-4.

The ranking at the end of the fifth week of competition

Group A
Team Liquid3-2
Natus Vincere2-1
M3 Champions1-1
Group B
Guild Esports3-1
G2 Esports3-2
BBL Esports2-3
SuperMassive Blaze0-5

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