An eventful week - VCT EMEA 2022 Week 2 recap

At the end of the second weekend of VCT competition in EMEA, Fnatic and Acend dominated Group A, while Team Liquid and Guild Esports dominate Group B. However, they are not the only teams setting the pace in this Challengers 2 EMEA, all of whom are determined to reach the playoffs and take the title. If you want a quick look at the final scores, you can refer to the week 2 summary.

Previously in these Challengers

During the first week of competition, all the teams showed that they deserved their place in this VCT. Between Fnatic's ACEs and G2 Esports' ACEs, the players gave us a hell of a show! If no team imposed itself as a true leader during the first weekend, the story is quite different for this week 2.

Group A matches

The first match of the week in Group A was between Fnatic to OG LDN UTD. Once again, Fnatic showed us their great form and literally smashed the opposing team. All players finished with an absolutely monstrous KDA. Haven was played in only 36 minutes and ended with a victory for Fnatic 13-4. The next map was even faster, as it lasted only 29 minutes and the OG LDN UTD did not manage to win a single round. Icebox therefore ended in 13-0.

For the second match, it was G2 Esports and FunPlusPhoenix who faced each other. It was a close game, but it was played in two maps. On Fracture, the two teams were neck and neck at half-time, but then FPX took the lead and sealed the deal 13-9. On Ascent, the team took a good lead from round 5, winning six rounds in a row. After the changeover, however, the score tightened up and G2 came back into the race. However, it was FPX that won the match, 13-10.

The last match in the group was between FOKUS to Acend. After a complicated first split and several changes in the roster, things seem to have improved for Acend. The first map of the match, Bind, first resulted in 13-7 in favour of the competition's newcomers, FOKUS. Then the reigning world champions stepped up their game a bit and sealed Ascent 13-8 and Icebox 13-9, thanks to the very good performances of starxo and cNed.

Group B matches

On the Group B side, they are BBL and Team Liquid who opened the hostilities in a very close match. On Fracture, TL took the lead by winning the first 5 rounds. BBL then responded by winning the next 7 rounds. After half-time, the two teams went back and forth until extra time. After a hard-fought battle, it was TL who finally won the map 16-14. This game pattern was repeated on Split and once again resulted in a victory for Team Liquid, 13-9.

For this second split, BIG is once again in trouble. Although the players are doing their best, they were defeated by Team Liquid in week 1, and by Guild Esports in this second week. The match started on Icebox where Guild won 13-10 despite the fact that BIG managed to take the lead in the first half. On Fracture, each round was fiercely contested by each team, but in the end it was BIG who had the last word. The card ended in 13-11. As the match was 1-1, the rosters engaged on Haven to break the tie. This time, the teams were equal at half-time, then BIG was totally overtaken by Guild. Guild won all 7 rounds of the second phase of the game and finished the map in 13-6.

Although the match between Natus Vincere and M3 Champions was played in three maps, these were expeditious. On Ascent, M3 Champions quickly took the lead over its opponents and concluded the map with a 13-5. Once on Bind, NAVI returned the favour by inflicting a heavy defeat on M3 and winning 13-4. Finally, it is on Icebox that the outcome of the match was decided. On this map, the M3 players were again extremely dominant and this time beat NAVI 13-3 ! A meeting that was therefore relatively quick.

The ranking at the end of this first week

Group A
FunPlus Phoenix1-1
G2 Esports1-1
Group B
Team Liquid2-0
Guild Esports2-0
M3 Champions1-1
BBL Esports1-1
Natus Vincere0-2

At the moment, Fnatic and Acend come out on top in Group A. In the other group, it is Team Liquid and Guild Esports who took first place this week with 2 wins and 0 losses for the time being. Perhaps the dominance of these teams will be confirmed next week if they continue their momentum.

For the lower teams, they will have to get their act together quickly if they are to secure a playoff place.

To follow the rest of the VCT EMEA 2022, see you on 27th May.

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