All winners of the Valorant Masters 1

The first phase of the Valorant Champions Tour is over. The first Valorant Masters allowed Valorant teams around the world to earn their first points towards qualification for the World Championships.

Let's take a look at the results from each region and see all the winners of the VCT Phase 1 Valorant Masters!

Valorant Masters Japan
Crazy Racoon

In Japan, Absolute JUPITER was well on its way to repeating the feat of First Strike Japan. The team won all their games without losing a single map. They even beat Crazy Racoon in the loser bracket before meeting them in the final. But that's when everything went wrong. Crazy Racoon absolutely dominated the match, winning all 3 maps needed to win (13-11, 13-4, 13-5), without Absolute JUPITER managing to win even once.


1st. Crazy Raccoon

2nd. Absolute JUPITER

4th. FAV gaming

Valorant Masters Korea
Vistion Strikers

In Korea, Vision Strikers still rules. Even though the final against NUTURN Gaming was played on 5 maps, Vision Strikers was clearly on top. The maps won were stomps (13-2 on Icebox, 13-6 on Haven, 13-3 on Ascent) and the maps lost were by a hair (11-13 on Bind, 13-15 on Split). But is this the beginning of a crack in the team?


1st. Vision Strikers

2nd. NUTURN Gaming

3rd. DAMWON Gaming
3rd. Team MUYAHO

Valorant Masters Southeast Asia
X10 Esports

In South East Asia, the young Thai team X10 Esports who won the Valorant Masters. However, the matches were more competitive than in the two previous regions. The team was even in trouble against Team SMG in the final, but she managed to win her last two maps by a landslide.


1st. X10 Esports

2nd. Team SMG

3rd. KPC
3rd. BOOM Esports

Valorant Masters CIS
Gambit Esports

It's Gambit Esports who won the Valorant Masters dedicated to teams from Russia and former Soviet Union countries. Even though they didn't lose a single map in the whole tournament, the matches were more competitive than the score would suggest, with the exception of an impressive 13-0 win over Singularity, yet First Strike CIS finalists. The final was between Gambit and forZe, the First Strike champions, but the latter flinched before the superiority of Gambit Esports.


1st. Gambit Esports

2nd. forZe

3rd. GMT Esports
3rd. CrowCrowd

Valorant Masters Turkey

In Turkey, the Futbolist faced BBL Esports, just like in the First Strike Turkey final. But the outcome was different, as this time they beat BBL Esports. They had already beaten them in the group stage, and the final was not much different. Once again, the winners of the Masters didn't concede any map. A funny detail: cNed, the MVP of the European Masters, is a former player... of both teams.


1st. Futbolist

2nd. BBL Esports

3rd. Oxygen Esports
3rd. Rare Esports

Valorant Masters Europe

Against all odds, it was Acend who won the final of the Valorant Masters Europe. The First Strike Champions, Team Heretics, flinched at the aggressiveness and energy of these young talents. Acend team was formed only 2 months earlier and they didn't even expect to win a Challengers tournament, but now they are European champions for a while.


1st. Acend

2nd. Team Heretics

3rd. FunPlus Phoenix
3rd. Guild Esports

Valorant Masters LATAM
North: Australs - South: Wygers Argentina

In the northern part of Latin America, the final looked like a revenge. LDM Esports managed to defeat LAZER in a close match, which they had failed to do in the First Strike. The revenge was more bitter in the southern part. The final opposing Australs at Wygers Argentina which is the former Australs team. In the end, it was the new generation of Australs that won.

North - Podium :

1st. LDM Esports

2nd. LAZER

3rd. Infinity Esports
3rd. Border Monsters

South - Podium :

1st. Australs

2nd. Wygers Argentina

3rd. KRÜ Esports
3rd. Furious Gaming

Valorant Masters Brazil
Team Vikings

The efforts have finally paid off for Team Vikings. This team, which was founded in spring 2020, had only had mixed results so far. But in the last few months, their aggressiveness and technical skills have allowed them to rise to the top. They qualified for the Masters by beating B4 eSports who had denied them First Strike in December, and then defeated Gamelanders, the First Strike champions, in the grand final.


1st. Team Vikings

2nd. Gamelanders

3rd. FURIA Esports
3rd. paiN Gaming

Valorant Masters America

It's hard to believe, but it was Sentinels who won the North American Masters. The team was without its star player, Sinatraa. However, it was able to count on the support of TenZ, out of retirement. This exceptional player simply dominated every match and was crowned MVP of the tournament. It's hard to take this tournament as a benchmark for the level of the American scene, as TenZ is almost a joker.


1st. Sentinels

2nd. FaZe Clan

3rd. Gen.G Esports
4th. Team Envy

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