All the VCL EMEA 2023 Split 2 winners

The second Split of the 2023 season ended last weekend in all the EMEA VCLs. We now know the names of the winners of this segment, as well as the identity of the teams taking part in the Ascension and the Play-Ins. Here's a quick summary.

VCL France : Revolution

Gentle Mates

In the first split of the 2023 season, the Supra Beaux Gosses dominated the regular season and ended up winning the play-offs against Mandatory. Under the name Gentle Mates, TakaS and his teammates managed to repeat the feat and lift another trophy after an another electric final against Mandatory.

Final ranking

1st - Gentle Mates
2nd - Mandatory
3/4th - Wylde
3/4th - Zerance
5/6th - Valiant

5/6th - Joblife
7th - Solary
8th - Akroma
9th - 3D Max
10th - BLX UTD

VCL Spain: Rising

Case Esports

After an excellent regular season, with 13 wins and just 5 losses, Case Esports reached the final of the VCL Splain by eliminating ZETA. As in Split 1, the team faced Team Queso in this match for first place. It took five maps to separate them, but in the end it was a back-to-back for Case Esports.

Final ranking

1st - Case Esports
2nd - Team Queso
3rd - UCAM Esports Club
4th - ZETA
5th - Ramboot Club

6th - Gaming KPI
7th - Movistar Riders
8th - Falcons
9th - Rebels Gaming
10th - AYM Esports

VCL Northern Europe : Polaris


To reach the final of the VCL Northern Europe, Apeks has achieved a faultless performance, losing no match of regular season, nor any encounter during the seeding stage. An even better performance than in the first split! FOKUS may have raised doubts for a while in the final, but the team ended up losing 3-1. Enzo and his teammates are the best players in the League!

Final ranking

1st - Apeks
2nd - FOKUS
3rd - Les Petits Bouffons

5th - eMasters
6th - Coalesce
7th - HSDIRR
8th - Who cars ?

VCL DACH: Evolution

CGN Esports

In the first split, CGN Esports narrowly missed out on the play-offs, finishing fourth in the regular season. This time around, they're moving on to the next stage with much greater ease, having secured second place in the rankings. The Grand Final wasn't all plain sailing - the MOUZs were determined to reach Ascension - and Benny and his mates had to redouble their efforts to win.

Final ranking

1st - CGN Esports
2nd - MOUZ
3rd - Ovation eSports

5th - Angry Titans
6th - Unicorns of Love
7th - Lateious
8th - AEX-1

VCL Turkey : Birlik

Digital Athletics

Having qualified for the VCL Turkey play-offs on the wire, Digital Athletics were sent straight to the lower bracket after the first match. The players gave their all to get back into the game and their efforts paid off. Fire Flux Esports, Galakticos and even Galatasaray Esports, they took them all down to face S2G Esports in the final. Here, they sprang a surprise by beating the former champions 3-0.

Final ranking

1st - Digital Athletics
2nd - S2G Esports
3rd - Galatasaray Esports
4th - Galakticos
5th/6th - SuperMassive Esports

5th/6th - Fire Flux Esports
7th - Fenerbahçe Esports
8th - Istanbul Wildcats
9th - Thunderbolts Gaming

VCL East: Surge


No big surprise there, Acend once again dominated the VCL East. Already victorious in Split 1, they hit the nail on the head again in this second Split. Not only did the team dominate the regular season, with 14 wins and 4 losses, but they also won the Grand Final 3-0 without too much difficulty.

Final ranking

1st - Acend
2nd - Enterprise Esports
3rd - Diamant Esports
4th - Anonymo Esporys
5th - Zero Tenacity

6th - GoNext Esports
7th - B8 Esports
8th - NAME eSports
9th - Cyber Wolves Epsorts
10th - ex-Rapid Ninjas

VCL MENA: Resilience

Team Falcons & Team RA'AD

The MENA VCL comprises two distinct sub-regions, GCC/Iraq and Levant/North Africa. Team Falcons came out on top in the former, a fine performance for a team that finished second in Split 1, the RA'AD team stayed on top and won another title. They both qualified for the final tournament of the League, where they secured their tickets for Ascension and the Play-Ins respectively.

Final ranking

GCC & Iraq

1st - Team Falcons
2nd - Triple Esports Club
3rd - Unity Esports
4th - Twited Minds
5th - The Ultimates
6th - Fraggerz
7th - NOBLES
8th - Underground Gaming
9th - Valiant Esports
10th - Ashur Esports


1st - Team RA'AD
2nd - NASR Esports
3rd - Geekay Esports
4th - GnG Esports
5th - Onyx Ravens
6th - FATE Esports
7th - Gamax Esports
7th - Team Occupy
9th - Bravado Gaming
10th - Team Majesty

VCL Italy : Rinascimento


By finishing second in the regular season, Dsyre qualified directly for the semi-finals of the top bracket. Despite their best efforts, the team lost 3-0 to GMT Esports. Nevertheless, they had no trouble overcoming MACKO Esports to reach the final. Dsyre then took revenge on GMT to claim their first VCL title.

Final ranking

1st - Dsyre
2nd - GMT Esports
3rd - MACKO Esports
4th - QLASH

5th - Axolotl
6th - Outplayed
7th - WLGaming Esports
8th - HMBLE

VCL Portugal: Tempest


The top of the VCL Portugal rankings remained unchanged between the two Splits. SAW is once again in pole position, with GTZ on the second step of the podium and EGN Esports in third place. At the Grand Final, SAW consolidated their dominance of the league with a 3-0 win over GTZ.

Final ranking

1st - SAW
2nd - GTZ Esports
3rd - EGN Esports
4th - Ex0Tik Gaming

5th - Impulse Gaming Warriors
6th - Panthers Esports
7th - For the Win Esports
8th - Team Vikings

At the end of each split, teams received VCL points. All of them were aiming to reach the top, with the team that finished first securing its ticket for the the Ascension tournament. At present, we know nine of the ten teams qualified for this real gateway to the International League.

Teams already qualified for Ascension

  • Gentle Mates
  • Case Esports
  • Apeks
  • CGN Esports
  • Acend
  • Digital Athletics
  • Team Falcons
  • Dsyre
  • SAW

In addition, the teams who finished second in the overall standings in their League will face off in a preliminary competition entitled Plays-In. The winner will join the other qualifiers in the promotional tournament. This preliminary tournament will start on 22nd June and is due to finish on 27th June.

Teams selected for the Play-Ins

  • Mandatory
  • Team Queso
  • Fokus
  • MOUZ
  • S2G Esports
  • Enterprise Esports
  • Team RA'AD
  • GMT Esports
  • GTZ Esports