A good start for Paper Rex and Fnatic - Copenhagen Masters 2 Playoffs

The fourth and final day of the group stage determined the final teams that would participate in the playoffs. The game kicked off and the spectators were treated to some intense matches. For their very first match in the Copenhagen Masters 2, Fnatic and Paper Rex made a clean sweep. Thanks to their respective victories, they have secured their place in the semi-finals of the upper bracket.

Paper Rex dominates Guild Esports (Score : 2-0)

With Fnatic, XSET and Leviatán, Paper Rex is among the teams shortlisted for the playoffs. The best team in the APAC region has not yet had the opportunity to play in this second LAN of the year. Guild Esports, on the other hand, went through the group stage to qualify, and got their ticket by winning their matches against OpTic Gaming and KRU Esports. It was actually the first roster to qualify for this final phase.

Despite two convincing first wins, Guild Esports failed to repeat against Paper Rex. As the PRX coach explained, his team had a head start in preparing, as he had managed to determine the exact composition of their opponent:

I mean, I was quite sure that they were going to run a different composition because I saw Leo playing a lot of Fade and Sayf was also playing a lot of Chamber, so I figured that would be the exact composition.

And I think, because in Asia people play this composition a lot [and] it's pretty much meta, I think it was a mirror matchup. We're quite comfortable with it.

Alecks - Paper Rex Coach

His intuition did not betray him as Sayf actually played Chamber on both cards, as did Leo selected Fade on Fracture. And this analysis work paid off!

The confrontation over Ascent was more than expeditious. Paper Rex was particularly offensive, managing to win 8 out of 12 rounds in the Attack phase. The Defence phase did not bode well for the Guild players. After losing the pistol-round, they are suddenly subjected to Benkai's 4K, then by f0rsakenThey were particularly inspired and precise in their shooting. Paper Rex folded the card in only 36 minutes, on a real stomp. Final score : 13 to 4.

The battle on Fracture was quite different, as both teams fought hard until overtime. PRX took the lead by winning the first three rounds, including two 3Ks from mindfreak. Guild didn't let it happen and responded ferociously by taking the next four. During the latter part of the first half, the two teams traded wins and losses, so that at the changeover they were tied at 6-6.

After the changeover, the rosters continued to battle it out. While Guild eventually took the lead, the two teams found themselves tied again, 9-9, in round 18, then 11-11 in round 22. One point away from defeat, Paper Rex went for broke, and it was notably Jinggg that makes the difference. Pro never fakes! By defusing the spike, PRX gave themselves one more chance to end the match; which they did by emerging victorious from 2 more rounds. Final score : 14-16.

The win sends Paper Rex straight to the semi-finals of the top bracket, while Guild Esports players join the bottom bracket for a last chance match.

FunPlus Phoenix flinches against Fnatic (Score : 2-0)

As explained earlier in this article, Fnatic, having won the Challengers 2 EMEA, was already qualified for the playoffs at the Masters 2 in Copenhagen. The team was therefore eager to get into the thick of the competition. In their first match, the roster met FunPlus Phoenix. The structure has made it to the playoffs by winning against XERXIA, then Northeption after falling against DRX. With the doubts about Suygestu's visa approval, FPX recruited a replacement for the group stage. Although the player finally got his pass, SEIDER is still in the job.

This first match had started rather badly for the players of FNATIC. During the Attack on Icebox, they only managed to take 4 rounds, facing a determined FPX. Their opponents were solid, to the point of 7 successive wins. Unfortunately for the latter, the trend was reversed after the side change. Fnatic took the pistol-round, then a second one, before conceding the next one after a 4K of SEIDER.

The score was then 9-6 in favour of FPX. This is where Fnatic proved to be more efficient than their opponent. The team won 6 more rounds, taking the lead in this first map. Finally, after 1 hour of play, the game ended on a magnificent 4K of Derke. Fnatic wins 13-10.

The players have moved on to Haven for the rest of the match. If the first card was played on the wire for the Fnatic, carried by Derke, they gave a real stomp in the second. Aggressive and precise, the players of the English structure conceded only 2 rounds during the Attack. With this comfortable lead, they easily concluded the map after the change in only 35 minutes. Final score: 13 to 4.

With this success, Fnatic signs its first victory in this international LAN. The team will soon face Paper Rex. FunPlus Phoenix, on the other hand, will have to triumph over Guild Esports to continue in this Masters 2.

The rest of the tournament will be played today. Leviatán will face DRX, and then XSET will face OpTic Gaming. To follow these next playoff games of the Copenhagen Masters 2, go to the official Twitch channel of Valorant.

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