Valorant Challengers France 2023: News, Schedule, Results, Teams

Welcome to the monitoring page of the Valorant Challengers France: Revolution (Challengers FR), the new official competitive circuit dedicated to French and Benelux teams. News, results, format, teams... You will find all the information concerning the different stages of the French Challengers.

The Challengers come replace the old VRLs in the EMEA region and have been exported to other parts of the world. These 21 leagues, smaller in scale than the VCT, are a real springboard for the rising stars of Valorant. We focus here on the French league, renamed Challengers France: Revolution.

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Presentation of the Valorant Challengers France: Revolution

The Challengers Ascension EMEA tournament

Follow-up to Ascension EMEA 2023

Follow-up to the EMEA Ascension Play-In tournament

Mandatory's bid to reach Ascension, a promotional tournament for the VCT, will first have to contend with some very good teams during the Play-Ins. In the articles below, you'll find a detailed presentation of our opponents, as well as the schedule and results of the various matches. Unfortunately for our players, the Ascension adventure came to an end in the Last Chance group after losing to S2G Esports.

FOKUS wins the EMEA 2023 Ascension Play-Ins

FOKUS wins the EMEA Ascension Play-In

Follow-up to Split 2 of the VCL France 2023

Week 1 - Split 2

Follow-up to Split 1 of the VCL France 2023

Week 1 - Split 1

Week 2 - Split 1

Week 3 - Split 1

Week 4 - Split 1

Week 5 - Split 1

Playoffs - Split 1