Schedule and Results of Valorant Challengers France 2023

The first Split of the VCL France 2023 ended with the victory of Supra Beaux Gosses and a very good second place for Mandatory. Some new teams are appearing for this Split 2, and, like the other participants, will try to dethrone the SBG. All teams play every day of the competition. The matches take place Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays of the coming weeks. The matches are all played in BO1, with the exception of some playoff games. Find the complete schedule, the ranking and the results of the Split 2.

Split 2 Playoffs schedule

EDIT: Mantatory finishes second in Split 2 of the VCL France 2023. At the end of the an intense, hotly contested finalGentles Mates repeated the feat of the first Split.

Only the six best teams of the regular season have qualified for this new stage of the Split. We will find Mandatory, Gentle Mates, Joblife, Wylde, Valiant and Zerance.

Wed 07/065pmQuarter-final #1 - BO3Wylde2 - 0Valiant
Wed 07/068pmQuarter-final #2 - BO3Joblife1 - 2Zerance
Thu 08/065pmSemi-final #1 - BO5Gentle Mates3 - 1Wylde
Fri 09/065pmSemi-final #2 - BO5Mandatory3 - 1Zerance
Sat. 10/065pmFinal – BO5Gentle Mates3 - 2Mandatory

Split 2 Scoreboard

This section will be updated when the first information becomes available.



QualifiedGentle Mates135
10eUnqualifiedBLX UTD414

Last updated on 23 May.

The times are given as an indication. They are subject to change depending on the progress of each match during the evening.

First week of competition - 8th-11th April

Sat. 08/046pmJoblife13 - 5Mandatory
Sat. 08/047pm3DMax10 - 13Wylde
Sat. 08/048pmZerance5 - 13Supra Beaux Gosses
Sat. 08/049pmAkroma8 - 13Solary
Sat. 08/0410pmBLX United5 - 13Valiant
Sun. 09/046pmBLX United10 - 13Joblife
Sun. 09/047pm3DMax15 - 17Mandatory
Sun. 09/048pmZerance4 - 13Valiant
Sun. 09/049pmAkroma4 - 13Supra Beaux Gosses
Sun. 09/0410pmSolary13 - 5Wylde
Mon. 10/046pmBLX United10 - 13Mandatory
Mon. 10/047pmValiant5 - 13Supra Beaux Gosses
Mon. 10/048pm3DMax11 - 13Akroma
Mon. 10/049pmZerance13 - 5Solary
Mon. 10/0410pmJoblife13 - 6Wylde
Tue. 11/046pmJoblife13 - 9Akroma
Tue. 11/047pmZerance13 - 73DMax
Tue. 11/048pmBLX United9 - 13Supra Beaux Gosses
Tue. 11/049pmMandatory13 - 4Wylde
Tue. 11/0410pmValiant8 - 13Solary

Second week of competition - 15th and 16th April

Sat. 15/046pmBLX United4 - 13Wylde
Sat. 15/047pmMandatory13 - 10Akroma
Sat. 15/048pmGentle Mates (SBG)13 - 6Solary
Sat. 15/049pmJoblife13 - 11Zerance
Sat. 15/0410pmValiant13 - 63DMax
Sun. 16/046pmWylde13 - 4Akroma
Sun. 16/047pmValiant3 - 13Joblife
Sun. 16/048pmMandatory10 - 13Zerance
Sun. 16/049pm3DMax1 - 13Gentle Mates (SBG)
Sun. 16/0410pmBLX United13 - 15Solary

Third week of competition - 22nd and 23rd Aprird

Sat. 22/046pm3DMax15 - 13Solary
Sat. 22/047pmBLX United13 - 6Akroma
Sat. 22/048pmMandatory13 - 6Valiant
Sat. 22/049pmJoblife13 - 9Gentle Mates (SBG)
Sat. 22/0410pmZerance9 - 13Wylde
Sun. 23/046pmZerance8 - 13Akroma
Sun. 23/047pmMandatory11 - 13Gentle Mates (SBG)
Sun. 23/048pmValiant13 - 7Wylde
Sun. 23/049pmBLX United13 - 103DMax
Sun. 23/0410pmJoblife9 - 13Solary

Fourth week of competition - 29th and 30th April

Sat. 29/046pmBLX United13 - 2Zerance
Sat. 29/047pmWylde16 - 14Gentle Mates (SBG)
Sat. 29/048pmJoblife6 - 133DMax
Sat. 29/049pmSolary5 - 13Mandatory
Sat. 29/0410pmValiant13 - 1Akroma
Sun. 30/046pmWylde13 - 13DMax
Sun. 30/047pmValiant11 - 13BLX United
Sun. 30/048pmMandatory13 - 8Joblife
Sun. 30/049pmZerance8 - 13Gentle Mates (SBG)
Sun. 30/0410pmAkroma9 - 13Solary

Fifth week of competition - 6th-8th May

Sat. 06/056pmJoblife13 - 7BLX United
Sat. 06/057pmSolary6 - 13Wylde
Sat. 06/058pmGentle Mates13 - 9Akroma
Sat. 06/059pmMandatory13 - 113DMax
Sat. 06/0510pmZerance13 - 3Valiant
Sun. 07/056pmValiant13 - 7Solary
Sun. 07/057pmWylde9 - 13Mandatory
Sun. 07/058pmAkroma14 - 12Joblife
Sun. 07/059pm3DMax16 - 14Zerance
Sun. 07/0510pmBLX United11 - 13Gentle Mates
Mon 08/056pmMandatory13 - 10BLX United
Mon 08/057pmGentle Mates13 - 10Valiant
Mon 08/058pmAkroma13 - 113DMax
Mon 08/059pmSolary11 - 13Zerance
Mon 08/0510pmWylde13 - 7Joblife

Sixth week of competition - 13th-15th May

Sat. 13/056pmZerance8 - 13Wylde
Sat. 13/057pm3DMax11 - 13Solary
Sat. 13/058pmValiant13 - 2Mandatory
Sat. 13/059pmJoblife14 - 12Gentle Mates
Sat. 13/0510pmBLX United8 - 13Akroma
Sun. 14/056pmGentle Mates13 - 83DMax
Sun. 14/057pmZerance13 - 6Mandatory
Sun. 14/058pmJoblife13 - 2Valiant
Sun. 14/059pmSolary10 - 13BLX United
Sun. 14/0510pmAkroma13 - 15Wylde
Mon 15/056pmSolary5 - 13Gentle Mates
Mon 15/057pmAkroma12 - 14Mandatory
Mon 15/058pmJoblife11 - 13Zerance
Mon 15/059pmWylde13 - 4BLX United
Mon 15/0510pm3DMax12 - 14Valiant
Tue. 16/056pmAkroma12 - 14Valiant
Tue. 16/057pmWylde12 - 14Gentle Mates
Tue. 16/058pmMandatory9 - 13Solary
Tue. 16/059pm3DMax10 - 13Joblife
Tue. 16/0510pmBLX UTD5 - 13Zerance

Seventh week of competition - 22nd May

Mon. 22/056pmZerance10 - 13Akroma
Mon. 22/057pmMandatory13 - 4Gentle Mates
Mon. 22/058pm3DMax13 - 7BLX United
Mon. 22/059pmValiant6 - 13Wylde
Mon. 22/0510pmJoblife13 - 11Solary

All Mandatory team matches will be commented by ZeratoR on Twitch channel. To follow the other matches, go to the league's Twitch channel.