Schedule and Results of Valorant Challengers France 2023

The competition is making a comeback in France with the Challengers France: Revolution ! As in last year's second split, all teams play every day of the competition. Overall, they will take place Saturdays, Sundays, Mondays and Tuesdays of the coming weeks. The matches are all played in BO1, with the exception of some playoff games. Find the complete schedule, the ranking and the results of Split 1.

Split 1 Playoffs - 9-12 March

Thu 09/035pmM1Valiant2 - 0Wylde
Thu 09/039pmM2Joblife0 - 2Zerance
Fri. 10/035pmM3Supra Beaux Gosses3 - 2Valiant
Sat. 11/035pmM4Mandatory3 - 1Zerance
Sun. 12/035pmM5Super Handsome Kids3 - 1Mandatory

Playoff standings

  • 1st - Supra Beaux Gosses
  • 2nd - Mandatory
  • 3rd/4th - Zerance
  • 3rd/4th - Valiant
  • 5th/6th - Wylde
  • 5th/6th - Joblife

Split 1 Scoreboard

This section will be updated when the first information becomes available.




Supra Beaux Gosses144
7thNot QualifiedbeGenius99
8thNot QualifiedHEET810
9thNot QualifiedBLX United414
10eNot Qualified3DMax414

Last updated on 21 February.

The times are given as an indication. They are subject to change depending on the progress of each match during the evening.

First week of competition - 14th-17th January

Sat. 14/016pmBeGenius2 - 13Heet
Sat. 14/017pm3DMax9 - 13Wylde
Sat. 14/018pmZerance13 - 7Joblife
Sat. 14/019pmSupra Beaux Gosses13 - 3Mandatory
Sat. 14/0110pmSector One12 - 14Valiant
Sun. 15/016pm3DMax8 - 13Mandatory
Sun. 15/017pmBeGenius11 - 13Joblife
Sun. 15/018pmSector One3 - 13Supra Beaux Gosses
Sun. 15/019pmZerance13 - 11Valiant
Sun. 15/0110pmHeet13 - 10Wylde
Mon. 16/016pmSector One4 - 13Mandatory
Mon. 16/017pmValiant13 - 7Joblife
Mon. 16/018pmZerance13 -10Heet
Mon. 16/019pm3DMax8 - 13BeGenius
Mon. 16/0110pmSupra Beaux Gosses11 - 13Wylde
Tue. 17/016pmValiant14 - 16Heet
Tue. 17/017pmZerance13 - 73DMax
Tue. 17/018pmSector One9 - 13Joblife
Tue. 17/019pmMandatory9 - 13Wylde
Tue. 17/0110pmSupra Beaux Gosses7 - 13BeGenius

Second week of competition - 21st-24th January

Sat. 21/016pmSupra Beaux Gosses13 - 8Zerance
Sat. 21/017pmMandatory13 - 4BeGenius
Sat. 21/018pmJoblife13 - 8Heet
Sat. 21/019pmBLX UTD13 - 9Wylde
Sat. 21/0110pmValiant13 - 83DMax
Sun. 22/01 at 6pm6pmWylde13 - 4BeGenius
Sun. 22/017pmValiant10 - 13Supra Beaux Gosses
Sun. 22/018pmMandatory13 - 10Zerance
Sun. 22/019pmJoblife13 - 63DMax
Sun. 22/0110pmBLX UTD2 - 13Heet
Mon. 23/01 at 6pm6pmBLX UTD5 - 13BeGenius
Mon. 23/01 at 7pm7pmMandatory13 - 7Valiant
Mon. 23/018pmHeet13 - 83DMax
Mon. 23/019pmJoblife3 - 13Supra Beaux Gosses
Mon. 23/0110pmWylde10 - 13Zerance
Tue. 24/016pmBLX UTD12 - 143DMax
Tue. 24/017pmBeGenius13 - 1Zerance
Tue. 24/018pmHeet5 - 13Supra Beaux Gosses
Tue. 24/019pmJoblife13 - 9Mandatory
Tue. 24/0110pmWylde13 - 11Valiant

Third week of competition - 28th-31st January

Sat. 28/016pmBLX UTD2 - 13Zerance
Sat. 28/017pmWylde13 - 9Joblife
Sat. 28/018pm3DMax6 - 13Supra Beaux Gosses
Sat. 28/019pmHeet13 - 11Mandatory
Sat. 28/0110pmBeGenius10 - 13Valiant
Sun. 29/016pmValiant13 - 5BLX UTD
Sun. 29/017pmWylde13 - 53DMax
Sun. 29/018pmJoblife7 - 13Zerance
Sun. 29/019pmMandatory12 - 14Supra Beaux Gosses
Sun. 29/0110pmHeet11 - 13BeGenius
Mon 30/016pmWylde9 - 13Heet
Mon 30/017pmValiant15 - 13Zerance
Mon 30/018pmJoblife13 - 11BeGenius
Mon 30/019pmMandatory13 - 43DMax
Mon 30/0110pmSupra Beaux Gosses13 - 7BLX UTD
Tue. 31/016pmHeet13 - 8Valiant
Tue. 31/017pm3DMax13 - 10Zerance
Tue. 31/018pmJoblife13 - 10BLX UTD
Tue. 31/019pmWylde13 - 4Mandatory
Tue. 31/0110pmBeGenius9 - 13Supra Beaux Gosses

Fourth week of competition - 4-7 February

Sat. 04/026pmSupra Beaux Gosses13 - 10Wylde
Sat. 04/027pm3DMax5 - 13BeGenius
Sat. 04/028pmValiant13 - 10Joblife
Sat. 04/029pmBLX United8 - 13Mandatory
Sat. 04/0210pmHeet13 - 15Zerance
Sun. 05/016pmZerance13 - 9Wylde
Sun. 05/017pmHeet8 - 133DMax
Sun. 05/018pmValliant3 - 13Mandatory
Sun. 05/019pmSupra Beaux Gosses13 - 10Joblife
Sun. 05/0110pmBeGenius13 - 7BLX United
Mon. 06/026pmZerance9 - 13Mandatory
Mon. 06/027pmSupra Beaux Gosses8 - 13Valliant
Mon. 06/028pmBeGenius13 - 11Wylde
Mon. 06/029pmJoblife13 - 33DMax
Mon. 06/0210pmHeet6 - 13BLX United
Tue 07/026pmSupra Beaux Gosses13 - 6Zerance
Tue 07/027pmValiant14 - 123DMax
Tue 07/028pmBeGenius11 - 13Mandatory
Tue 07/029pmJoblife13 - 5Heet
Tue 07/0210pmBLX United13 - 9Wylde

Fifth week of competition - 20 and 21 February

Mon. 20/026pmValiant13 - 7BeGenius
Mon. 20/027pmJoblife10 - 13Wylde
Mon. 20/028pmSupra Beaux Gosses13 - 153DMax
Mon. 20/029pmMandatory13 - 11Heet
Mon. 20/0210pmZerance13 - 10BLX United
Tue. 21/026pm3DMax7 - 13BLX United
Tue. 21/027pmZerance7 - 13BeGenius
Tue. 21/028pmSupra Beaux Gosses15 - 13Heet
Tue. 21/029pmMandatory13 - 4Joblife
Tue. 21/0210pmValiant11 - 13Wylde

All Mandatory team matches will be commented by ZeratoR on Twitch channel. To follow the other matches, go to the league's Twitch channel.