A look back at the statistics of the Mandatory team during the Split 1 - VCL France 2023

The VCL 2023 Split has just been end in all regions. Mandatory, which is still going strong, made it to the final after a very good regular season. TheBigFiz, Hyp, Akumaaaaa, Goaster and kAdavra lost the very last game but still got a good result. second place. Aren't they too strong? We give you a summary of their statistics during this first Split of the French Challengers.

Statistics of cards and rounds played

This segment of LCVs represents 19 hours 19 minutes and 53 seconds of intense and fierce battles for the Mandatory team. Our players played no less than 20 different matches spread over the regular season and the playoffs, making a total of 527 rounds. And yes, we have qualified for the playoffs! For those of you who doubted it, you will be banned from ZeratoR's chat.

Let's talk about the victories. Hyp and his mates have found success time and time again. Our captain has led his team to victory thirteen times in twenty matches, which corresponds to 65% of victory. There was even a victory rate of 100% on Pearl, as on Lotus.

Fun Fact. While most of the time it took almost an hour of fighting, Akumaaaaa and her mates also put in some good times. They won 13-4 in 32 minutes in front of Joblife and again 13 to 4 against BLX UTDafter 34 minutes of play.

Haven Card - Valorant

Haven - Played 6 times - 67% win

Split - Valorant

Split - Played 3 times - 67% win

Icebox Card - Valorant

Icebox - Played 1 time - 0% win

Ascent Card - Valorant

Ascent - Played 7 times - 43% win

Pearl Card - Valorant

Pearl - Played 3 times - 100% win

Fracture card - Valorant

Fracture - Played 4 times - 50% win

Lotus - Valorant

Lotus - Played 2 times - 100% win

Player statistics

TheBigFiz clutcher

Whether it be with his legendary Omen, Brimstone, Astra or Killjoy, TheBigFiz This genius support is a combination of 330 deletions in total and an impressive total of 240 assistances. As a result of this performance, he obtains fifth place in the ranking of the players with the most assists, as well as the fourth best RPA (Assist Per Round), at 0.46.

With 77%It also came third in the KASTA percentage that takes into account kills, assists, trades and Survival.

With its monstrous precision, TheBigFiz is also about crazy actions, including a clutch in the semi-final against ZeranceA record-breaking piece of work! For the pleasure of the eyes, we share it with you again.

Great entry by kAdavra

kAdavra has joined Mandatory at the beginning of the year. And the least we can say is that he made a smashing entrance! A real killing machine, he showed a precision throughout the Split that gave our opponents a hard time. What's more, these very good initiatives at the hands of Killjoy in particular earned him the 5 MVP titles by Flunchand a match MVP award.

Here are some data, which prove, once again, the talent of this player. kAdavra has a rating of 1,14, or the fifth best of the Split. The magician also picks up the TOP 5 of the best ACSwith a very good score of 218, and the fifth elimination/death ratio with a score of 1.26. At the same time, he made 409 kills for 324.

Akumaaaaa the damage machine!

If he continued to impress the audience with his favourite agents, Akumaaaaa was especially surprising passing on Jett. This change has paid off, as it has given us some great eliminations! We have evidence.

Akumaaaaa does a lot of kills at the Operator.

Aggressive and precise, you won't be surprised to learn that he did some damage here and there. He was so good that he reached third place in the ADR rankingwith a score of 161.7. With Akumaaaaa, damage inflicted means eliminations. And eliminations, he made some! In total, he knocked down 451 opponentsThis is the fourth best performance in this respect. In addition, he is second in the First Kills ranking, having completed no less than 104 First Blood during this Split.

These excellent results during various matches have enabled him to win 4 MVP titles and 4 MVP titles by Flunch. We particularly remember a MASTERCLASS against Valiant. Akumaaaaa Go Kill ended the game with an ACS from another galaxy. 514, quiet.

The picture doesn't convince you of Akumaaaaa's talent on Jett? Then relive this crazy action on video. There is no need to say, he is really too strong! For your information, it was during the semi-final against Zerance.

Goaster or Goatser?

While he had played exclusively in Chamber during the French Cup, Goaster was among the players the most versatile in the Split. You have thus found him on Fade, Jett, KAYO, Raze, Skye, but also Sova, while keeping the French Sentinel for a few games.

As usual, Goaster performed well. He accumulated 414 eliminations and a total of 176 assistancesThis placed him eighth in the ranking by kills and twelfth in the ranking by assists. On the other hand, with 59 First Kills to his credit, he was tenth in the general classification.

Thanks to his results, he has won several League titles, as well as Flunch, with a the title of MVP of the match in the semi-final and by Flunch during the Grand Final. For the data enthusiasts, Goaster has won exactly 5 titles from our partner and 6 titles from the League. In addition, he has also won Player of the week statusDuring the last week of competition of the regular season.

Hyp and his big brain!

If you have followed the Mandatory (which is obvious of course) you will have heard of the big brain of Hyp ! Our Captain is not an in-game leader for nothing. Many times during the Split, his decisions were... decisive. We remember in particular his presence of mind during of the first leg against Zerancewho had completely turned the tables.

As a true team supporter, Hyp has been active with Breach and Fade, but he has also shown his skills with Sage, KAYO and even Harbor ! What does his talent in data mean?

To put it simply, it ends TOP10 ranking by ratingwith 1.07. He is also the second best APR in the Split, with a score of 0.48. This is not very surprising, given that he has accumulated no less than 252 assistances.

His very good performances have been praised and awarded several times in recent weeks. He was awarded the MVP award from the League once and the one by Flunch on two occasions.

Mandatory will be back soon for the second Split of the year. If the title of French Champions just escaped us at Split 1, it will be ours at the next one! Until then, you can watch them live or on ZeratoR's Twitch channel during the HammerTime.