Schedule and results for Split 1 of the Valorant Challengers France 2024

The Challengers France are back in 2024! A new season means new Mandatory matches and the seven other participating teams. You'll probably want to support them, but to do so... you'll need to find out about the schedule of meetings. To make things easier for you, we've prepared a tracking page with the calendar and Split 1 scores.

Scores for Split 1 - VCL France 2024

This section will be updated as scores become available.
EDIT : Family was signed by Monaco Esports on 1 February.

7thMonaco Esports15

Regular season schedule - Split 1 - VCL France 2024

The times are given as an indication. They are subject to change depending on the progress of each match during the evening.

Sat. 20/016pmMonaco Esports0 - 2Valiant
Sat. 20/019pmMandatory2 - 1Solary
Sun. 21/016pmZerance2 - 0Akroma
Sun. 21/019pmDVM2 - 1Joblife
Sat. 27/016pmSolary0 - 2DVM
Sat. 27/019pmZerance2 - 0Monaco Esports
Sun. 28/016pmJoblife2 - 1Valiant
Sun. 28/019pmAkroma2 - 1Mandatory
Sat. 03/026pmJoblife2 - 1Solary
Sat. 03/029pmValiant0 - 2Akroma
Sun. 04/026pmMonaco Esports2 - 1DVM
Sun. 04/029pmMandatory2 - 1Zerance
Sat. 10/026pmMandatory0 - 2Valiant
Sat. 10/029pmZerance2 - 0DVM
Sun. 11/026pmAkroma1 - 2Solary
Sun. 11/029pmMonaco Esports0 - 2Joblife
Sat. 17/026pmDVM1 - 2Mandatory
Sat. 17/029pmValiant2 - 1Solary
Sun. 18/026pmZerance1 - 2Joblife
Sun. 18/029pmAkroma2 - 0Monaco Esports
Sat. 02/036pmMandatory2-0Joblife
Sat. 02/039pmSolary2-0Monaco Esports
Sun. 03/036pmDVMvs.Akroma
Sun. 03/039pmValiantvs.Zerance
Sat. 09/036pmMonaco Esportsvs.Mandatory
Sat. 09/039pmJoblifevs.Akroma
Sun. 10/036pmSolaryvs.Zerance
Sun. 10/039pmDVMvs.Valiant

Playoffs schedule - Split 1 - VCL France 2024

To come...