EMEA 2023 Ascension Play-In Schedule and Results

On Ascension Day, the best teams in the Challengers Leagues EMEA will be competing for a place on the 2024 Valorant Champions Tour. The nine VCL winners will be joined by a tenth team. The latter will secure her place thanks to the Play-InThis tournament brings together all the teams who finished second in their respective leagues. In this article, you'll find all the information you need about the schedule and results for the group phase and playoffs.

The Play-In tournament comprises 2 distinct phases:

  • The group phase - from 22 to 23 June. All matches are BO1.
  • The play-off phase - from 26 to 27 June. The semi-finals are BO3, while the Grand Final is BO5.

Schedule and results for the playoffs of the Play-In tournament

EDIT : Fokus won its place in the Ascension EMEA tournament.

At present, three teams have secured their slots for the Play-In play-offs. They are Team Queso, GTZ Esports and FOKUS. After the second round of the group phase, the players from S2G Esports have also earned their place in the next stage.

Mon. 26/066pmGTZ Esports0 - 2FOKUS
Mon. 26/069pmTeam Queso0 - 2S2G Esports
Tue. 27/066pmFOKUS3 - 1S2G Esports

Information will be added as it becomes available. Note that this stage will be broadcast on the Twitch channel Valorant France.

Schedule and results of the Play-In group phase

This is an important stage, as it determines which teams qualify for the play-offs. On the nine teams in the runningOnly four of them will go on to the next stage.

Note that contrary to what was initially announced, the matches will finally be broadcast on ZeratoR's Twitch channel.

Composition of the groups

During this stage, the teams are divided into three groups of three. Each team plays the other two; at the end of the three matches, the best team in each group automatically qualifies for the play-off phase. The second-placed teams play each other for the last vacant slot, while the last-placed teams are eliminated. Here's the breakdown:

  • Group A - GMT Esports, Team RA'AD and Fokus,
  • Group B - MOUZ, GTZ Esports and S2G Esports,
  • Group C - Team Queso, Mandatory and Enterprise Esports.

Group A match results

By finishing top of Group A, FOKUS has automatically qualified for the play-offs. Team RA'AD, meanwhile, will take part in the Last Chance group matches. Last in the group, GMT Esports is out of the competition for good.

Thu. 22/066pmFokus13 - 15Team RA'AD
Thu. 22/0619h30GMT Esports7 - 13Fokus
Thu. 22/069pmTeam RA'AD11 - 13GMT Esports

Group B match results

In Group B, the players from GTZ Esports who took first place and will therefore be taking part in the play-offs. S2G Esports, on the other hand, will have to win their Last Chance group matches to move on. The Play-in adventure is over for MOUZ, who finished in last place.

Thu. 22/066pmMOUZ9 - 13GTZ Esports
Thu. 22/0619h30S2G Esports13 - 8MOUZ
Thu. 22/069pmGTZ Esports13 - 11S2G Esports

Group C match results

Mandatory failed to take the lead in Group C, which ultimately went to Team Queso. However, our players were excellent in their second match, which enabled them to take second place. They will now face Team RA'AD and S2G Esports in the Last Chance group. Enterprise Esports has been eliminated from the Play-In.

Thu. 22/066pmTeam Queso11 - 13Enterprise Esports
Thu. 22/0619h30Mandatory6 - 13Team Queso
Thu. 22/069pmEnterprise Esports8 - 13Mandatory

Last Chance group match results

The Last Chance group brings together the three teams who finished second in groups A, B and C. As with the previous matches, these are all BO1 matches. As a reminder, the team finishing in pole position will progress to the play-offs.

Fri 23/066pmTeam RA'AD10 - 13S2G
Fri 23/0619h30Mandatory15 - 13Team RA'AD
Fri 23/069pmS2G Esports13 - 7Mandatory