The Split 2 teams of the France 2024 Challengers

Now that Up and Downs are complete, the Split 2 of the Challengers France is fast approaching. So it's high time we took a look at the eight participating teams and the changes to the rosters. Spoiler, there are several newcomers in the League!

All rosters and new players

New players are promoted in this way (N).

Team Valorant - Mandatory logo

(Split 1)
HyP- SoOn - Akumaaaaa - Goaster - TheBigFiz - CyvOph

Team logo - Joblife - Valorant

(Split 1)
MAGIK - jas - RobbieBk - kamyk - mikee

Valorant - Team Logo - DVM Esport

(Split 1)
kAdavra - MARCTYLINHO - xms (N) - pa1ka (N) - Foxie (N) - Szimpli (N)

Logo Team - Akroma - Valorant

(Split 1)
OniBy - TiduS - Killu - soren (N) - bramz (N)

Solary logo

(Split 1)
Kinguyen - APO - memset - Sevire - DarkLight (N)

Team Logo - Valiant - Valorant

(Split 1)
NeskaaS - Ambi - Sacake - Jessie - d3ffo

Team Valorant logo - Zerance

Babax - lux9 - Jady - UNFAKE - Veqaj (N)

Logo Team - Cicadas Gaming

Cicadas Gaming
Yuta - Sp1ke - rodeN - Yohpa - NowaXxZang

Cicadas Gaming, the newcomer

During a split, some teams perform less well than others. And in the Challengers, the rule is simple: those who finish bottom of the ranking are sent to the next round. in relegation. The aim is to give them a chance to keep their slot in the League, despite their poor results, while allowing other players to become professional players.

This is how Zerance and Monaco Esports had no choice but to take on the best teams on the amateur circuit in the Up and Down tournament. While the first team managed to hold on to its place in Split 2, the second - which was the third - had to settle for second place. who played under the name Family - did not succeed.

Which inevitably means that another team has taken its place! A top performer in VALOTF, excellent in Premier mode and dominant in the promotional tournament, Cicadas Gaming has more than earned its place in VCL France.

The name may ring a bell, especially if you follow the French music scene. And with good reason, this team has reached the Coupe de France semi-finals last year. Its representatives, Yuta - Sp1ke - rodeN - Yohpa - NowaXxZang, are no strangers to the game either!

NowaXxZang, Sp1ke and Yuta played for Klanik Esports In the past, rodeN has taken part in the Valorant Champions Tour in 2021 with the Defuse Teambefore joining VRL France alongside BDS. As for Yohpa, he wore the colours of Joblife at the Coupe de France 2023, and more recently was part of the HSMIX, RTBF iXPé 2023 finalist.

Some changes to the rosters

In order to strengthen their squad or replace players who have left for new horizons, a number of organisations are having to make changes to their roster. We will update this section as announcements are made.

Zerance replaced bramz with VeqajHe already played for the club during the 2023 season, before taking a trip to VCL Italy.

bramz is not leaving the league, however, as he has joined the ranks of d'Akroma. The team is completed by soren. Please note that Yotaa flew to Japan to join the SCARZ team, with whom he qualified for Split 2 of the VCL Japan. MatéliaN is still looking for a project.

There have also been changes at Solary, as iDex has signed with Spanish outfit Ramboot Club. He has been replaced by DarkLighta former player with Zerance and more recently with Barkim Corp.

DVM is undoubtedly the structure that has made the most changes for Split 2. In fact, the club has unveiled an almost complete restructuring of the roster, with only the following remaining from the previous team MARCTYLINHO. Always there, kAdavrawill only take part in the first DVM match before you leave to other horizons. The former players have been replaced by xms, pa1ka, Foxie and Szimpli.