The France Revolution 2024 Challengers teams

The 2023 season of the Challengers France Révolution was marked by Wylde's departure. In addition, Gentle Mateshaving won the regional Ascension tournamentwas offered a place in the EMEA League. Two slots were therefore vacant for 2024, but Riot Games finally opted to reduce the number of slots. the number of participating teams to eight. We present all the rosters in this article.

The rosters - Split 1 of the France 2024 Challengers

This section will be updated as teams unveil their new players.

Team Valorant - Mandatory logo

HyP- SoOn - Akumaaaaa - Goaster - TheBigFiz - CyvOph

Team logo - Joblife - Valorant

MAGIK - jas - RobbieBk - kamyk - mikee

Valorant - Team Logo - DVM Esport

kAdavra - juseu - MARCTYLINHO - keloqz - Newzera

Logo Team - Akroma - Valorant

Yotaa - OniBy - TiduS - Killu - Matélian

Solary logo

Kinguyen - APO - iDex - memset - Sevire

Team Valorant Monaco Esports logo

Monaco Esports
Marin - SabAAA - TheNightChe - Apyr - VuexLex

Team Valorant logo - Zerance

Babax - lux9 - Bramz - Jady - UNFAKE

Team Logo - Valiant - Valorant

NeskaaS - Ambi - Sacake - Jessie - d3ffo

New teams...

If you follow the French sports scene at Valorant, you will have noticed that most of the structures competing this year were already on board last year. In the end, only Family and DVM are newcomers, having both acquired their slots via the latest promotional tournament.

To be more precise, DVM Esport has in fact taken over the slot won by 3D Max. The structure launches on Valorant with a very solid roster - at least on paper - made up of keloqz, Newzera, juseu, kAdavra and MARCTYLINHO. It's sure to cause a stir, at least on paper!

EDIT: As of 1 February, the Family roster has been signed by the Monaco Esports structure.

Most FamilyAs for them, they initially made a name for themselves as the F9 Hetics bannerby winning the final of the promotional tournament with flying colours. Needless to say, she could well spring a surprise in the 2024 Challengers.

... and some big changes to the rosters

The off-season is an opportunity for structures to make a few adjustments to their roster, a necessity if they are to be effective in the long term. So it's no surprise to see that Solary and Joblife have recruited several new players.

In reality, Joblife has even wiped the slate clean. None of the previous roster remains. The structure gets a makeover with a mix of talent from various VCLs and even the Champions Tour (kamyk played for Fnatic in the EMEA League last year). They're all experienced players who shouldn't be taken lightly.

As for SolaryThe story is a little different. Although the group parted company with all of its players at the end of the previous season, two former members, memset and Kinguyenare finally back where they belong. And if you've experienced Sector Onethen you probably know iDexSolary's new captain. Similarly, the pseudonym APO should not be unfamiliar to you, since it is from a former Mandatory player. The roster is completed by Sevireex-Wylde.