HEET players leave the organisation

While we are in the middle of the VCL France break, elemeNt has just announced that he and his players will be leaving their structure, HEET Gaming.

It is through a TwitLonger that the coach of HEET Gaming's Valorant team has announced that all team members, players and coach, are separating from the structure. The message mentions a mutual agreement between the two parties, without giving more reasons or context for the divorce. Some echoes from former players seem to mention unpaid bills, a situation that is unfortunately all too common in esports.

Players will continue to play under the HEET tag until the end of the first VCL split, without being affiliated to the structure. They are however looking for a new structure able to accompany them for the second split. Rather than disbanding the team and leaving each player to look for a new team, the staff would like to continue playing together as much as possible, but under a different banner.

At the moment HEET has 8 wins and 8 losses in the VCL France. The team is tied with beGenius and Wylde and in a delicate position in the general ranking. Indeed, out of the ten teams in the league, four of them will not be able to participate in the playoffs. BLX United and 3DMax are already doomed, but HEET could well join them if their last two games don't go well.

As a reminder, the HEET players will be the opponents of Mandatory Monday evening.