Format of the France 2024 Challengers

The French league of Valorant is changing somewhat in 2024. This year, there will be no only eight teams left competing in Challengers Francecompared with ten previously. What's more, the match format is changing. We explain it all in detail in this article.

Split 1 operation

There are no qualification phases for Split 1 of the Challengers France 2024. All teams have received their slots thanks to their results last year or through the end-of-season promotional tournament.

The general format of the competition remains the same as last season. The year is divided into two Splits each segment being divided into two parts: the regular season, then the playoffs. What is different, however, is the format of the regular season matches themselves.

The regular season matches of the Challengers France 2024 are Bo3.
Four teams qualify for the playoffs of the Challengers France 2024.

Riot Games has opted to do away with two-way matches in Bo1, in favour of Bo3 meetings. Matches take place on weekends only; there will be no Super Week in 2024. There are two matches per competition day, but each team plays only one match. only one match a week. They can either play on Saturday or Sunday. Each map victory awards 1 point.

The playoffs bring together the four best teams in the Split. The season rankings are calculated as follows (in order)

  • Number of maps won,
  • Number of maps won in head-to-head competition,
  • Difference between rounds in direct confrontation,
  • Difference in overall rounds,

The qualifiers compete in Bo5There are no quarter-finals. There are no quarter-finals. And because it's a knockout format, there are no quarter-finals, any defeat is eliminatory.

Qualification for the Ascension EMEA tournament

Just like last year, the best team in the league will earn a place at Ascension EMEA and will represent the French circuit. For the record, this is a real springboard to the VCT, which pits the top teams in the European leagues against each other. The exact date is still unknown, but we already know that it will be held in September.

For the moment, Riot Games has provided no information about the VCL points system, which is used to rank teams within the league and determine which team is sent to Ascension. We will add data on this subject when it becomes available.