The Challengers France: Revolution 2023 - teams

In 2023, the French League joined the Valorant Champions Tour and changed its name at the same time. Formerly called VRL France Revolution, it became the Challengers France: Revolution. For this new year, the League will host 10 teams. Some, like Mandatory, have already participated in the 2022 season, others such as Valorians, are taking a first step at this level of competition. In this article, we invite you to (re)discover the different participants. In this article, we invite you to (re)discover the different participants.

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Challengers France Revolution 2023 - valorant vrl france team mandatory -

HyP - AKUMAAAAA - Goaster - TheBigFiz - kAdavra

Mandatory. Our team is again participating in the French Valorant League. Last year, it had an excellent evolution between the two Splits, going from the bottom of the table to reach the best teams in France. Mandatory ended the year on a high note, winning one after the other the Lyon Esport and the French Cup. Our Champions are more than determined to take the lead in the two Splits of these new Challengers.

New Team Logo - BeGenius

TiduS - Oorime - KONEQT - Jakexd - OniBy

beGenius ESC. This is not the first time that beGenius has participated in the event. The structure has finished 3/4th of the VRL France 2022 Split 1, then in 5/6th position in the second split. Recently, the team participated in the French Cup, in which they placed 9/12th.

Team Logo - BLX UTD

Alyx - q - dash - MaximN - Poegii

BLX UTD. The Belgian structure, Sector One, came back into the competition to try to regain its title. Indeed, Sector One had won the first VRL Split last year. Nevertheless, it recently announced the complete cessation of its esports activity. The existing roster now evolves under the name BLX UTD.

wylde logo

hype - Foxie - MAGiK - Sevire - hiro

Wylde. Wylde has already taken part in the French League in 2022. The players qualified for the first Split via the Open Qualifier, and finished 6th. At the next Split, the team finished in the 7th place.

Team Logo - 3DMax

MatéliaN - M4CHINA - blitzeN - Kiiyo - Yotaa

3DMax. Formerly Atletec, Valorians is one of the six new teams invited to the first Challengers France Split. This team made its name via the Valorant Open Tour France 2022, winning the second place in the final tournament. More recently, they also participated in the French Cup. After eliminating Karmine Corp in the lower bracket, Valorians lost to Bref. The team finished 7/8th. The team was signed by 3DMax, who therefore got its slot back.

The teams of the Challengers France Révolution 2023 - team zerance logo -

Babax - DarkLight - Veqaj - lux9 - Mercury

Zerance. Like Valorians, this team is one of the new challengers in the French League. Zerance comes from the Valorant Open Tour France 2022. After a good performance in various stages of the tournament, the team reached the final phase and climbed to the top of the the third step of the podium.

logo team - Heet

Kinguyen - b2kk - Monstrum - memset - waddle

Heet. Last year the Heet entered the official competitive scene by winning the promotional tournament for VRL Northern Europe: Polaris. The players managed to reach the sixth place in the ranking. More recently, the team participated in the French Cup. It proved to be a formidable force and even reached the third step of the podium.

Valiant team logo

Jesse - NeskaaS - Sacake - CyvOph - LeeN

Valiant. This structure will enter the official circuit in 2023. Recently, the team participated in the Lyon E-Sport. After a difficult defeat against the Karmine Corp, the players successively defeated Interstellar, Amazing, beGenius ESC and NeverNamed. In the semi-finals of the lower bracket, the structure met KC again, a match that ended in a second defeat.

Team logo - Joblife

rodeN - MARCTYLINHO - Killu - SoOn - YAYAX

Joblife. After the Division on League of Legends, the Joblife organisation is launching on Valorant. It is entering directly into the Challengers France: Revolution in 2023. In order to put all the chances of victory on its side, the structure has signed talented players. Some of them had glory in VRL France last year, others, like SoOn, shone during the Lyon-Esport. This new team will not let itself be outdone and will seek to impose itself on the French circuit.

Team SBG Mix Logo - SBG Esport

beyAz - TakaS - logaNNNN - nataNk - Wailers

SBG Mix. The Supra Beaux Gosses are well known players on the French scene for the most part. Some of them, TakaS and logaNNNN, have been present on Valorant since its beginning, from the Opportunists to Team BDS. They have participated as well in VCT in 2021, and the VRL France in 2022. The team also includes ex-professional players from other FPSs. All of them are used to the competition and will do everything in their power to dominate the French Challengers.