Challengers France 2023 Format

After the success of the VRL in the EMEA region, Riot Games has chosen to extend the concept to other areas of the world. The Valorant Challengers are thus the new competitive circuits at regional level. If we have already dealt with the global functioning of these tournaments, we will deal more specifically with the format of the Challengers France in this article.

Unlike last year, there are no no qualification, whether for Split 1 or 2. In total, 10 teams will compete in the two Splits. Four have retained their place in the League and two have won it hard during the VRL promotion-relegation tournament. With the departure of several teams to other Challengers or to the VCT, four new teams have been invited directly by Riot Games.

Each split will take place over a period of approximately 7 weeks. All teams will play 4 games per week, from Saturday to Tuesday. The regular season will be played in a two-legged format, so that teams meet twice. The matches are all BO1. At the end of this phase, the top 6 advance to the playoffs. It is possible that the number of matches per week will be reduced to two in the second split, excluding Super Week.

The play-offs will be even more intense, as players will not be allowed to make mistakes. With the direct elimination, defeat is eliminatory. The quarter finals are of BO3, while the semi-finals and final will be played in BO5.

New this year, there is no relegation tournament between the two segments. The relegation/promotion phase will take place after the second Split. The tournament will include the two lowest-performing teams and four teams from the French and Benelux lower circuits. The two finalists will advance to the Challengers France in 2024.

Agenda of the Valorant Challengers Revolution 2023

On the other hand, the best team of the French Challengers will have the opportunity to join the next season of the Valorant Champions Tour, during the Challengers Ascension EMEA. This will bring together the winners of the various Challengers in the region. No date has yet been set, but it is expected to take place during the summer.

The qualified team will be the one who accumulates the most points at the end of the two splits. Indeed, for this new season, Riot Games has set up a system rewarding the teams' performances, in the manner of the VCT. During the two segments, only the 6 teams present in the playoffs will get points. If they are both important for the final ranking, the second split will offer more points.

Points system for the two Challengers France 2023 Splits.

You will find all the important dates in our dedicated article. All Mandatory team matches will be commented by ZeratoR on Twitch channel. To follow the other matches, go to the league's Twitch channel.