Dates of the France 2023 Challengers

The competition on Valorant returns to France with the Challengers France: Revolution. All year round, ten teams from France and Benelux will compete to become the best in the French territories. In this article, you will find the important dates concerning the French league and the other Challengers of the EMEA region.

Global dates for the EMEA region

In 2022, Riot Games introduced the Valorant Regional Leagues. From now on, this circuit is called Valorant Challengers and is no longer limited to the EMEA territory, but has been extended to the Americas and Pacific regions, for a total of 21 leagues. Within the EMEA region itself, new leagues have emerged: the ecosystem has been opened up to Italy and Portugal.

The exact start dates for each league vary. However, the major stages (regular season, playoffs and finals) all take place over a common overall period. The following schedule may be modified during the year if necessary.

Date of the first split

  • Regular season - 8th January to end of February
  • The playoff phase - between late February and early March
  • Final - Sunday 12th March

Dates of the second Split

  • The regular season - from 27th March to the end of May
  • The playoff phase - between late May and early June
  • Final - Saturday 10 June

Unlike last year, there is no promotion-relegation tournament between the two segments. The latter will take place in June, and will give teams from the lower circuits a chance to join the Challengers in 2024.

The best teams in each league will qualify at the Challengers Ascension EMEA, a springboard tournament for the VCT. No date has been set yet.

When are the Valorant Challengers France: Revolution?

In total, the EMEA region has 9 leagues, including the French league. The French league will see teams competing against each other French and those from Benelux (Belgium/Luxembourg/Netherlands). No Qualifier was needed: all teams were invited or won their place last year. Exact dates will be added when available.

First Split

  • Split 1 regular season - 14th January to end of February
  • Split 1 playoffs - early March
  • Final - Sunday 12th March

Second Split

  • The Split 2 regular season - 8 April to 22 May
  • Split 2 playoffs - 7 to 9 June
  • Final - Saturday 10 June

Promo-Relegation Tournament

  • Up and Down - 1 to 4 June
Agenda of the Valorant Challengers Revolution 2023
Agenda of the Valorant Challengers: Revolution 2023

All Mandatory team matches will be commented by ZeratoR on Twitch channel. To follow the other matches, go to the league's Twitch channel.