3D Max and F9 Hetic reach the VCL France 2024

Final stages of the Up and Down of the French Valorant circuit were played out over the weekend. Of the four teams still in the running, only the two top performers, F9 Hetic on the one hand and 3DMax on the other have won their slot for VCL France 2024. While 3DMAX was already competing in the National League this year, F9 Hetic will be taking their first steps at this level of the competition.

3D Max stays in the French League

The two Splits of the VCL France 2023 were used to select the teams that would take part in the playoffs, as well as the two teams that would take part in the promotion-relegation tournament. Having finished ninth and tenth in the season, 3D Max and BLX UTD had no choice but to prove themselves if they wanted to stay in the League.

Unfortunately for Slurpy and his teammates, the VCL France adventure has come to an end for the time being, as they were quickly eliminated from the Up and Down. For their part, the 3D Maxes will have a chance to restore their reputation in 2024. However, qualification for 2024 almost slipped through their fingers. After a complicated victory over the team K10, Killu, Davip, Oorime, 1GGY and brAAHH lost to F9 Hetic.

Their future in the League thus depended on the result of the result of the final. And in this third match, they faced the players of Klanik Esport. Determined to reach the next level, Sp1ke and his mates made a great comeback in the lower bracket and were therefore not prepared to let them win. What's more, they even won the first map. While they certainly didn't lose out, the old-timers finally won 3-1, after around three and a half hours of play. Davipd and Killu also put in a fine performance, finishing the game with over 80 eliminations!

F9 Hetic, the new challengers to watch

The Up and Down tournament is as much about making up for a mediocre season as it is about getting out of amateur competitions. The two teams from the VCL took on the top four teams from the French Open Tour, including F9 Hetic. While others were the favourites, it was this time that sprang a surprise by finishing in the top three by making a faultless performance in this tournament!

In the opening match, sabAAA, Yotaa, Marin, DGRj and TheNightChe defeated Klanik Esport. This victory was important not only for their survival in the top bracket, but also for their egos, as Klanik had been dominating F9 Hetic for three games. Marin and his team-mates therefore began the rest of the tournament in excellent conditions. To earn their place in the VCL France 2024, they then knocked out BLX UTD, before winning without too much difficulty against 3DMax. A fine revenge for Yotaa, former Valorians who joined 3D Max for Split 1 this year.

With 3D Max and F9 Hetic, the total number of known teams in the VCL France 2024 has risen to four, as Solary and Akroma have been maintained for next season. Mandatory, Gentle Mates, Joblife, Wylde, Valiant and Zerance are guaranteed a return to the competition next year, but also have a chance of reaching the EMEA League. To do so, they will already have to shine in the VCL playoffs, then redouble their efforts to establish themselves in the prestigious Ascension tournament.