BREF, EMOJIPOUCE and Bonk join the French Cup

The Valorant French Cup was unveiled in early July. The competition will feature sixteen teams from different backgrounds. Some of them are from the ex-LRVs, while others will qualify thanks to selective phases.

We already know the first eight teams that will participate in the event. They are Mandatory, Karmine Corp, BeGenius, CGN, Valorians, Heet, Zerance and Sector One. This Sunday 9th October, three new teams were unveiled: BREF, EMOJIPOUCE and Bonk.

Presentation of the teams

EMOJIPOUCE and Bonk join the French Cup - valorant logo bonk -

Bonk : Bonk is a Swedish team that has not been active since 2020. During this year, it has achieved numerous top 2, at the Absolute Masters, the Cup and the LVL Clash 2. In October 2020, his entire roster had been recovered by Guild Esports. Today, the team is back in action with players like bonkar, DESTRUCT1VEE or even juseu.

EMOJIPOUCE and Bonk join the French Cup - valorant logo emoji thumb -

EMOJIPOUCE : EMOJIPOUCE is nothing but the former roster of Team BDS, who has been participating in the VRL France all year. The first segment ended with a very nice top 2, after losing to Sector One in the final. The split 2 was a bit more complicated and ended with a top 5-6. The team is composed of kAdavra, bramz, rodeN, logaN and MARCTYLINHO and the players are determined to win this French Cup.

EMOJIPOUCE and Bonk join the French Cup - valorant vrl france team no logo -

BREF : BREF is a roster that is also back in service, after having participated in many open qualifiers to try to qualify for the VCT Challengers, then the VRL France. It is composed of Fatiiiih, Dawn, M4CHINA, KONEQT and l0udly.

The competition will start on 27th October and will end on 11th December with a final in Montpellier. We look forward to seeing you on ZeratoR's Twitch channel to follow all Mandatory matches!